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I got a new opamp, a LM358A and better battery connector wire and it works in that I get sound out of only one channel and a lot of crackling when I put the headphone jack in and out.

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Bump to see if anyone has an idea about how to get sound out of both sides of a headphone

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I just built this amp tonight. I had to resolder the headphone jacks a few times. Wiggle them on the pcb and see if you hear crackling, then try resoldering them? Worked for me. Try multiple sets of cans. First pair I tried had a bad cord and I only got one channel. This is yhe first time I've ever attempted anything like this or soldering at all for that matter. Fun project, neat amp!!
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I hope somebody helps Rock Man with his problem. I will also be starting this one soon (in addition to the JDS labs) to compare one with the other. Could you give us an update? did you fix it?

Bough 3 Altoid tin cans today. Now I have to eat them all .

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I will do XrufX's suggestion sometime over the weekend and report back.

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I am almost certain it is the jack socket, I think it is faulty inside, the soldering is fine. Maplins appear to sell a similar one for 99p. At this rate, I would have been better getting the parts from Maplins and just using the circuit board.

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Don't guess. Check your signal path with a multimeter.

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what opamp did the kit come with? if it's not the same as the one you have now, it may not be specced for the same voltages or something like that.


^that's just a shot in the dark, if that was from some list of approved opamps to replace the current one with or something like that then nvm.

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My mate checked the specs of the new opamp in comparison to the old. The wiring diagram for both was the same and the only difference was the new one goes to a higher voltage.

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Wiring diagram for nearly every op-amp in the world is the same. That's important, but it's other details that can bite you.


On the off chance that someone's bored enough to check them, can you link the sheets?

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We did it in the shop, my mate knows about this stuff. I'll try.

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if you really suspect the jack to be the problem though, try wiring it directly to the input one and see if you have any issues like that. it's always better to test and be sure than to just assume and end up wasting more time/money chasing nothing :)

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Just finished my Banzai  v2. It sounds great for 20 dollars.

At first could not get any sound until I realized I had not installed the opamp! It came with the JRC 4560D OpAmp.

It even powers the DT880, although not the best amplifier for the Beyers with somewhat bloated bass. It can drive them pretty loud with some distortion at unhealthy volume levels. Nice with IEM's though. I am pretty darn happy to have finished it!

Next is JDS labs, then the eXStatA! 

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Did you ever build a JDSlabs amp? I built the Banza V2, and I'd love to hear how they compare to one another. I'm itching to build another amp, but I'm not ready to plunk down $200 for a nice kit.

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Originally Posted by Conrthomas View Post

Hmm....that looks like a very unprofessional PCB build......


EDIT: I mean the PCB itself, not the soldering job....sorry.

Could you please explain what you mean? This is the only CMOY kit I've ever built, and I don't know what a "professional" PCB would look like. Is it the arrangement of the board? Location of the components? The quality of the actual caps and resistors?


I'd like to learn more about this stuff.

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