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Hifiman RE262 Initial Impressions

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I found this picture of the new RE262 prototype at In Ear Matters.

Looks like it may be the more conventional style IEM with a bit of a molded extrusion.

Not sure, but does that look like a port on the end of the extrusion ?

Even more so could it be a "screw on port" ie: for different bass tunings? (I'm only speculating here, i wish it was a better quality picture)



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Interesting. Looks like it has a tumor.

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I wish they would stick to a more conventional design so both over ear and cable down styles were possible.

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that is all

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Indeed.  I didn't even mind the old shape.  It might have been nice to mold it out of something more squishy though.  While it was very flexible and durable, it didn't compress readily which makes it conform less readily to people's ear shapes.  for the RE262, they just cut it down to a nub.  It would have been nice for them to tilt the nozzle though.  It's straight out again, and this pretty much forces shallow insertion only.  The RE252 was already godly.  An improved version of that, I'm all over it.  I'm also waiting on the SA7 because I'm a big fan of the SA6 short the obvious limitations of a single drive design.  So many new things coming out. :p

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I definitely want the RE262. I just want it to be released and then delivered to my house :)

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Well I already placed my order for the re262 and I just hope they arrive before my road trip to Austin on Labor Day weekend.

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bah it looks like it still has that gummy coating, which i couldn't stand on the RE252s...

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I'm fairly curious about these. I actually liked the RE252 fit, and the only thing I didn't like about the gummy rubber is that it seemed to enjoy rolling around in dust while I wasn't looking. 


I'm wondering if there are going to be significant changes in the sound. Considering the RE-Zeros sound similar to the RE252s (right?) I'm wondering if they are again aiming to be giant killers with their new flagship.

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Now the ZEROs are closer to the RE252s, then it stands to reason the RE262 must be more again (and the RE252s are very highly rated IEMs).

Cant wait for the RE262s.

Now ive got the ZEROs i might jump a step to the 262s.

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one thing is they got top notch graphic design!

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Thats true. i really like the look of the RE252, i think the RE262 should fit even easier by the look of them.

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The RE252 and RE-ZERO are not terribly alike in sound.  The RE252 is a bit better.  The RE0 and RE-ZERO are not alike either, but the RE-ZERO does follows the gearing of the RE0 but improves on a number of shortcomings/limitations of the RE0.  I can pick out far fewer shortcomings/limitations for the RE252 to improve upon, so I'm curious how much it may change. 

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