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Asgard already has plenty of juice for T1. Actually, T1 can take more juice than what Asgard can feed it. But I doubt your ears can.


Violectric amps in general is good to pair T1. I have a G109 and it can drive T1 pretty well. 


I agree, I've heard the T1's with many amps, SPL Auditor (anemic), Lehmann BCL (too bright), V200 (too warm, closed in sound), several other SS amps, and now use them with either the Asgard 2 or MF M1HPAP.  M1 costs 3 times as much, but apart from being bigger and prettier physically, has no advantage whatsoever, the only thing that does better is the fact that it has 2 inputs and two headphone outputs, plus a USB DAC. So basically it can drive two headphones at the same time, and can easily be used to A-B compare two (or three if we count in the USB) sources. Purely as an amp, Asgard sounds as good, if not better with T1's, because it's slightly warmer.


As far as the power goes, I'm using my Asgard 2 on low gain, and barely ever turn the knob beyond 3 o'clock.

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