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Need some new work cans

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Hi everyone, I need to find some new headphones for work.  No IEMs or full-size cans please.


I listen to a broad range of music: metal, rock, hip-hop, electronica.  Stuff like In Flames, Blue October, The Prodigy, Aesop Rock, Sigur Ros, Bloc Party, Journey.. yadda yadda.  That kind of music.


- Open or closed, doesn't matter

- Portable- but they don't have to fold into a small size

- Lightweight

- Comfortable- I don't want these to crush my ears like the Sony V-150s

- Less than $120


Here are some I was looking into..



Jays C-Jays

Jays V-Jays



Sennheiser PX200-II

Sennheiser HD238


I have some M50s that I really like, but they're too large to wear at work, and I think they might isolate a little too much.  It hasn't been a problem yet, they're just too big for work, but fine for home.


Any recommendations?  I'm ready to hit check out now E


Edit- if earbuds will provide better sound for the same price, I'll consider those.  IEMs are too difficult to remove and put in when people come up to talk to me and they have too much isolation.

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Sennheiser HD238 are not really worth the money, unless you really like instrument sepparation and soundstaging, where they shine. I've been enjoying the PX200-II a lot this summer, so I have to point them out in every small-portable-closed thread. They're very small and light, comfort's ok and I'd say they work well with what you listen to, unless you want a ton of bass. If you find them on sale, go for it.

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