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Question about wood mods...

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I was just wondering about wood mods and how hard it would be to do it myself. I've been a carpenter for 20 some odd years now, so I'm pretty confident in my woodworking abilities.


The question I have is mainly in regards to the actual process of actually installing the wood on the set of cans (In this case, the DT770s). Is it just a matter of cutting the existing backs off and replacing with wood?




From the pictures, it doesn't look like much more than that, but I could be way off the mark here.


Again, I'm not certain if I'm going to attempt this, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, and probably help my decision.



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Well, I've never done any diy with those headphones, but how you execute it would depend a lot on your goals in wooden cups, you can find a lot of info in a post by TheLostMIDRange called "Cup Tuning Basics" but that's mostly for full woodys, if you're just using the outer cup, I'm not sure how much benefit you'll get from the "wood" sound, but I'm sure you can get some improvement, especially if you already have some experience with wood working. If you do end up changing it, be it for sound or for appearance, I'd find the part of the cup that can be removed from the baffle (the part the driver/speaker is attached to) and copy the shape, screw holes, everything, besides what you cant cosmetically and sonically different from original.

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Oh please Oh please Oh please do this and add pics!!!

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Well, just saw how old this post was originally.  I hope it turned out good if you went ahead with it.

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