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Westone 1 vs. Westone UM1?

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I'm thinking about buying one of the two but I'm having a hard time deciding between the two.  Any input or recommendations?

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Don't know. I am having the same problem too. i think the Westone 1 are better though, because they were made for media players and phones. I am getting the 1, but that is my choice. try them you never know..............................

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Thanks! Do you know anything about the Westone UM Pro 10? I might be getting those! Has detachable cable????? 

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are the Shure se215 good for dubstep??? I listen to a lot of Deadmau5 and Skrillex!!!!!

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i might be getting the Earsonic because it got very good reviews. Thank you so much. Still wondering about the W UM Pro 10 though...... Any more ideas????

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Try to keep that whole mental process in one reply :D

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The Shure 215 are better for those genres than the sm1. The UM1 pro has detachable cables and they're made in the US. Is up to you 

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Having heard both the SE215 and the SM1 (I still own the SM1), I wouldn't recommend the SM1 for dubstep mainly because the bass impact and dynamics are far better on the SE215 for dubstep/electronic/bass-driven music. That's not to say that dynamics are bad on the SM1, or that it lacks bass. It's all there, but its far more neutral bordering. So compared to the SE215, the SM1 could be perceived as being unengaging as a result. I will say that the SM1 was much more comfortable to my ears than the SE215 was, I found the cable to be heavy for my liking. That said you could always get an aftermarket cable for the SE215 if that really bothers you. The UE900 replacement cable is nice and light and works with the SE215 if I'm not mistaken as well.
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