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Best In-Ears for under £30

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I'm looking for a decent pair of earphones for a mate who wants to spend under £30. He listen's to wide variety of music spreading through indie to alternative to rock. I have considered the CX 300 II's and would like some decent isolation. Is there any better options than the CX 300 II for the money.

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Radiopaq Jazz

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Radius Acoustic style Radheadphones. I have spoted them on iheadphones site in UK some time ago. Can see pictures here


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If he can stretch his budget slightly how about the UE Superfi5.

I got them after seeing a recommendation on here they are only £35.25 on dabs.



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They much better than CX 300 II's? and do they provide good isolation?

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I have Sennheiser CX500s and am very pleased with them. Has anybody else got any suggestions?

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I like the SuperFi5 just fine but I still think that the Brainwavz M1 (mp4nation.net) and ViSang R02 (ebay) sound better overall. Should end up costing less, too, even with postage. 

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Cheers for the advice but which overall do you think is the best out of the two?

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 Neither. They are very similar in overall sound quality and are made by the same OEM. The R02 has a bit more bass and a bit less treble. The M1 is more balanced.

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Guessing these will be much better than the CX 300 II's then. Too bad I already own a pair although that was well before I started Head-Fi.


Cheers for all the advice. :D

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Just looking at MP4Direct and the M2 is only $10 more. Is it worth the extra cost?

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Originally Posted by JonnySayer View Post


Just looking at MP4Direct and the M2 is only $10 more. Is it worth the extra cost?

I believe that's a pre-order price. Regular price is $20 more. The M2 is very similar in sound to the ViSang R02 - a bit more bass/less treble than the M1. It also looks better but IMO the R02 is the best-built of the three.

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Sorry I meant MP4 Nation but out of the M1 and the M2 which do you think is the superior?

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Neither - depends on what you like. I think the M2 is superior in terms of aesthetics/build but sound is a toss-up.

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Well although this forum was for a friend I may buy a pair of M2's (I really like IEM's) although when I was browsing the MP4Nation website there were a lot of Soundmagic earphones. How do they perform in this price range?

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