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Originally Posted by BournePerfect View Post

Update: V282=V200 + soundstage. Zing!




V200 is already very good and I really look forward to how awesome v282 would be!

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Me too!



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2014 is still too far away and I am getting myself a audio-gd NFB-10ES2 for the time being before plunging for the V800+V282 combo.....

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Next to an updated V800 there's a bigger DAC coming as well. 

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any updated news for it???

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Violectric just replied:


We are preparing new amps positioned over V181 / V200.

But both amps will remain in the production range as the new ones will be pretty much more expensive.


See the description below.


We are proud to announce that after two years of work our new headphone amplifier designs have finally been completed. 

Both the electronics and the case designs have been finished and are now ready for the next phase, setting up production. 


The new models for 2014 will be the V220 and V281. The V220 is our base unit, and the V281 will add an additional internal amp along with a balanced 4 pin XLR headphone connection. 


The power supply will use a larger 25 watt toroidal transformer which will enable a little more power output. 

The reliable V200 circuitry will be utilized with its highly efficient current limiters and will only be slightly altered to further refine the design.


Both models will have balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs along with an optional digital input. 

The digital modules will be available in USB, Coaxial, and Optical with your choice of 24/96 or our newly designed 24/192 version that uses a PCM1798 converter along with optimized analog output circuitry. 

There will be dedicated buttons to select each input on the front panel. 


These amplifiers also include balanced and unbalanced line outputs. 

The outputs may be switched pre or post fader, meaning they carry a fixed pass through or a variable output signal via the volume control just like the internal headphone amp. 

Also the output mode may be selected as: headphones active, rear line outputs active, both active, both disabled (mute). 


The standard volume control is an Alps RK27 potentiometer (41-detent). 

There will be two motor driven options available that include a remote with volume and input/output control. 

The first option also uses the RK27 potentiometer (motorized) and the second option features a 128-step relay volume control with 0.75 dB per step. This option produces the best channel balance, step precision, absence of distortion, and minimized crosstalk.


There is also a balance control with a range of +/- 6 dB.


In addition to black and silver versions of these two amplifiers, you may also select the feet in silver (standard), gold or black (on request).


The official introduction will be during the HiEnd show (Munich Germany) in May of this year. 

The first production units should start shipping in June.



The projected retail prices (excluding VAT):


- V220 Standard Version – 1000 EUR or 1375 USD

- V281 Standard version – 1350 EUR or 1850 USD


* Remote Option with motorized volume control – 210 EUR or 290 USD

* Remote Option with 128-step relais based volume control – 420 EUR or 575 USD

* Digital Option 24/96 – 125 EUR or 175 USD

* Digital Option 24/192 – 170 EUR or 235 USD


Best Regards



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Very cool!  Nice update, thanks oldwine. 


Looking forward to trying these out finally! 

Cant wait to get a look at them  (internal and external). 

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Any word on the v284 model? 

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Will The V220 replace the V200?

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Has anyone seen this?



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For those interested, I just saw this link. Looks real nice!



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Very nice. I wonder how long it will take the chinese to make an exact replica haha

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I just recently sold all my tubes and the balanced tube amp. Going balanced solid state. Been looking at the violectric v181, but the new one is very interesting. Hope there are more details soon. And by soon I don't mean the end of the year. I want to purchase something by mid June, and I already have a few others I am looking over.

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