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You are going to have a very hard time finding over ear headphones that are considered "portable". I think in the headphone world the ATH-M50 will be your best bet. I wouldn't call them portable. If you'd consider on the ear then something like Koss PortaPros or Sennheiser PX100 or PX100-II, which are actually considered portable. If you want REAL portability then get IEMs. Something like the MeElectronics M6, Maximo iM-590, or Klipsch S4. Use the search feature, you will find plenty of reviews.

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ok what if I take out the portable portion? I just want good music, isolation, comfortable, and in my price range headphones

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Read some reviews on the ATH-M50 and SRH 440.

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All 3 models fit your criteria - reproduce good music, isolation, comfort & price range.


Personally, I prefer the HD 448 for its nice, balanced sound.


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So hd. 428,438, or 448?
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