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HD800s. Advice on amp and cable upgrades

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I was wondering if you would offer me some amplifier recommendations. I have Sennheiser HD800s and my source is an M-Audio Audiophile 192 PCI Card for my computer which  I use to play lossless files ( http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Audiophile192.html ). I am really leaning toward getting a tube amplifier and I was hoping that you could offer me some insight. So far, I've narrowed my considerations to the WA2, WA6, Audio-gd Phoenix, Decware Zen Select CSP-2, Graham Slee Solo Ultra-Linear, and the Headroom Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp.


Between the WA6 and Decaware's CS-2, which do you think would better match my HD800s with an impedance of 300? 


In terms of the WA2, would you recommend upgrading with the "premium parts package" consisting of capacitors?  


As far as optimizing my rig goes, I also feel that I may need to upgrade my stock cable. But I'm not sure if I should get the DHC "Molecule" as I'm not even sure what AWG it is. However, I am shooting for 18 AWG or thicker?


Any feedback or insight you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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1) Go with solid-state, inexpensive tube amps are a VERY bad value, higher-end models are good but still I think good solid-state is better at the same price.

2) Skip cable "upgrades" until you've invested into a good DAC, amplifier, transport and just about everything else before you start tweaking with cables.

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Is my Audiophile 192 a bad source? I was very close to pulling the trigger on the DNA Sonett. 

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If money isn't a problem, I'd get a pimped up beta22. If you are on a tight budget, I'd get an Audio-GD Phoenix.

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If anyone is selling a headphone amplifier, please let me know. I'm willing to buy if the price is right. 

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