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New Headphones from Denon: AH-A100

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Denon Launches Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Line

The last two-channel product in the line-up are the really cool looking AH-A100 over-the-ear headphones ($499.00). The mahogany wood housing on these cans is just what the doctor ordered. Yummy. These dynamic headphones utilize a 1.97" neodymium magnet driver (which seems rather large to us in comparison to other cans), and have a frequency response of 5-37,000 Hz. The input impedance is 32 Ohms. They come in a stunning case (it's funny watching respected reviewers from other publications drool over the finish of the case while ignoring the product) and seem like worthy contenders to AKG, Grado, and Sennhesier. We hope to try these quite soon.




Source: http://www.bigpicturebigsound.com/Denon-Launches-Limited-Edition-100th-Anniversary-Line.shtml


EDIT: Release date, according to a japanese site, is Nov 1.

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There are pics and product description at http://www.denon100.com/

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I wonder how these will compare to the rest of their line up.

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Does this fall in between the D200-7000 range or is this going to be a different line? 


Look at the pictures too. The box shows a piano black finish...

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Not sure if it's a different line since this model is specifically made for the 100th Anniversary... perhaps 10 years later we'll have the AH-A110

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Interesting to see where the A100 fits in to the existing Denon lineup.  Price-wise, this headphone seems to fit in between the D2000 and D5000.


pekingduck: It's AH, not ATH.  The new nomenclature is already causing some problems I see.

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^ Corrected

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It looks like a beefed up AH-D1100, wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that they share the same drivers.

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Originally Posted by pekingduck View Post

Denon Launches Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Line



Source: http://www.bigpicturebigsound.com/Denon-Launches-Limited-Edition-100th-Anniversary-Line.shtml



Forget about the headphones - look at that beautiful turntable!!!!!  Sweet. 



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Just saw these through a giz post.  Was going to start a thread, but saw this.  I was definitely into the turntable over the other products.

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Yea, avid Giz reader here too...same name there as here XD.


At that price, I would seriously consider a pair of these. The only thing that concerns me is that headband. The cans themselves seem larger than their former lineups but the headband seems smaller. That's a lot of weight on such a small space on your head =X


I think I might just jump into a pair of these =D

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pretty.. i want one :D

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Funny thing; the HPs are the only item in the lineup not costing $2,499.99. I wonder if there were discussions about building an ubber-HP for $2,499.99 before getting axed.

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I noticed that and was wondering the same thing. Guessing headphones are one of those items that are a bit harder to swallow for most in that kind of a price range...little do they know, just how nuts we are here >=D

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