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Looking for an amp for my SRH840

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This is my first post here at Head-fi, although I've been looking around here for headphone advices for a couple of years. Because of the reviews here, I bought a Shure SRH840 last year along with a uDac which connects to my laptop. I still like the sound of SRH840 and have not regretted purchasing it. Now I'd like to find an amp to go with it, as many people mentioned that this headphone performs best when coupled to a good amp. That was also the reason I bought the uDac in the first place, for potential upgrade in the amp section.


But when I look into the market of portable or desktop headphone amps, I was frustrated by so many choices available. My budget is about $200-$400, in which range the LittleDot series seem to be recommended a lot. I listen to a lot of JPop, and a lot of instrumental music, from solo to orchestral. What kind of amp would best fit my music preference? 


Another difficulty is that I'm not sure what kind of sound to expect from those different amps, or how different would they be from the integrated amp in the uDac. Can anybody give some comparisons?


Thank you in advance!

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Hello fizban007 - I'm in the same situation.  I just joined today after buying new SRH840s a few weeks ago.  I'm now looking for an amp.  I'll be eager to read the replies to your posting!

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