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Stumptown Head-Fi Meet FTW!  

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My first ever Head-Fi meet:  awesome.  I was only there briefly, and I myself didn't bring anything exciting, but I got to try a lot of nice headphones, including the HD600s, HD580s, recabled K702s, recabled T1s, Thunderpants (I think), some old Sansui Omni-Dynamics, recabled PS1000s, and the Audeze LCD-2s.  I really liked the HD600s, the Thunderpants, and the PS1000s.  The Grados were darker and heftier than I imagined (recabling?).  The HD600s were very well-rounded, clean, clear, and very smooth.  Very enjoyable.  The Thunderpants were also clean, but had an excellent bottom end.  I really liked the tone of the K702s, but they were a little lacking in the lower end.  Thanks to Curtis at 32 Ohm Audio for letting me know about it the day before, and all the guys for letting my try their cans.  Pictures here:

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First head-fi meet also here. I was quite overwhelmed with all the headphones and gear. I tried a number of headphones and I'm happy to say that I don't plan on "upgrading" from my DT 770 anytime soon. For the first time I got to try out a tube amp, actually 3 of them. The large black one with Cavalli Audio on it was awesome with my DT770s. Too bad it's going to be really expensive. It seams like anything to do with tube amps is expensive.


I did get to try out the demo JH-5/13/10x3 and they all sound better than my AlienEars C3 Pro. After listening to the JH-5's I realised i should have gone with JH rather than AlienEars for my first custom IEM. (Oh well, I still enjoy my AlienEars though) The 10x3 sounded similar to the JH-5 and Alienears, but the JH-13's were the standouts. Maybe after taxes next year...(or the year after, heh), I'll think of going for the JH-16's. The JH-13 had so much clarity with the bass and treble over the JH-5/10x3/AlienEars. Being a basshead I'd be willing to spend the extra $50 for even more bass


The after meet was great too

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feeling a little blue right now , that's all ..dB

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aah missed you there man. We raised our glasses for you though :)


Was great having Alex from Audeze ( wicked cool of u to fly up from LA ), Andrew from maximo there. A round of applause for our Seattle brethren for making the journey down here, thanks big_popps(Gil), Equus (Ethan) and Seamaster (Griffin) for hauling all the gear including the wonderful Stacker amp, Woo Audio 22 (modwright modded), Meridian CDP, Arcam CDP, Woo 3+, etc. So much fun hanging with you guys. I promise we will get you guys VD another time. ;). 


Thanks also to stalwarts from the PDX area, Kevin (KW_Karth) and Jonathan. Was fun meeting some new faces as well. Apologies if I can't remember your names. Was nice once again seeing our regular female member of the gang at PDX, Charlene (hope i got that right :P) and her dad. 


John, amazing collection of some rare orthos my friend..thanks so much for the opportunity to listen to them.


I will fill in with my impressions later on. Lots of LCD-2s (i counted at least 4) and orthos this meet. Thanks to Vinnie from Red Wine Audio for lending out a brand new Isabelinna LFP-V..brilliant sounding amp with the LCD-2. Cavalli Audio again had a very strong showing. The Liquid Fire ( or as it was referred to " The big black amp" lol ) stealing the show as arguably the best amp there.


And finally thanks to the main man, Ken Ball. Love you are too awesome for words my friend. :D

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I want to thank everyone who joined us today, special thanks to the crew from Seattle for making the trip, tunarat (Dave) for supplying the snacks, Alex from Audeze, and Andrew from Maximo for coming and helping make this one a super fun meet!!


It was a awesome meet and hope this will spur more meets at the new store soon!


dBel84 - dude so missed you! ;-(





Shameless plugs and photos from my table.


The people who stayed til the end!










Alex and Sachu






Special thanks to Vinnie at Red Wine Audio for supplying his new amazing LFP-V HPA headphone amp and DAC






Also special thanks to Alex Cavalli of Cavalli Audio for loaning me his incredible Liquid Fire Tube amp




Audeze LCD2 sporting the ALO "Chain Mail" cable plugged into a RWA LFP-V amp




6GV8 tube amp with headphone adapter



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The Stumptown meet was awesome!  Made even more awesome by the contingent from up North.  Thanks for making the trip guys, you all rock!!


Ken, you're a class act buddy!  Thank you.


Sachu, it was good to see you again, and Andrew, and my friend Budgie, it was really good to see you again man!


Alex, thanks for coming up to visit Portland!!  The PDX collusion is now complete...  No longer Stumptown, it's now been renamed to LCD-2town.  It was really a privilege to meet all you folks from up Seattle way.


The meet was so good, the only way it could have been better would to have had dBel84 there.  Missed you buddy.  Keep yer stick on the ice, and don't let the mosquitoes bite, at least, don't let them carry you away.

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You all rock! Neat pics and no harm in shameless plugs . [edit] = now that I actually look at the photos I can clearly see it is the familiar pad and it still looks good. Keep it weird boys (and girls)..dB

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I was the guy in the white t-shirt.  Nice pictures!

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haha..that's stil the old store Don..move to new pad should hopefully be complete next week.

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Nice meet. I recognize at least half the people there. I hope to make it to a portland meet one of these times. Impressions?

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Originally Posted by sachu View Post

haha..that's stil the old store Don..move to new pad should hopefully be complete next week.

LOL , it looked familiar and good but I had it set in my mind that this was the new store and felt compelled to say that it looked the part :-) . Perhaps karma that it shouldn't move



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Oh, crap!  I realized I had my iPod on the treble reducer EQ the whole time!  Now I have to rethink all my impressions of the headphones I heard:P.

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Originally Posted by Marximus View Post

Oh, crap!  I realized I had my iPod on the treble reducer EQ the whole time!  Now I have to rethink all my impressions of the headphones I heard:P.

That explains your Grado impressions.  :)

I own a SR325is so I'm allowed to poke fun at Grados.  That's one of the privileges of owning them. 

You should get them for yourself so you can join the fun as well.


I do a shelf style EQ with my 325is to tame the treble a bit.  The iPod treble reducer EQ though is quite aggressive in its reducing.  Much much more aggressive than my 1 or 2 dB shelf EQ.  You missed out on a big part of the Grado sound signature.


I'm super bummed about my PS1000 audition.  I listened to the PS1000 right after having listened to the LCD-2.  That made it impossible for the PS1000 to live up to the potential eargasim it could have been.  The LCD-2 made it all too obvious that it was Grado and where it was hyped.  I should have cleansed my ears with my SR325is before listening to the PS1000.  Then I would have properly appreciated the PS1000.  (I'm only kidding about being bummed, it's all fun and Grados especially are fun)


Bought two CDs on the way home because Big Poppa told me to.  :)

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Thanks to the Portland crew for the hospitality.  It was a blast.  Putting faces to the names was great, and getting the chance to talk to a bunch of folks was awesome.

Originally Posted by Ham Sandwich View Post


Bought two CDs on the way home because Big Poppa told me to.  :)

There are definitely worse reasons to buy CDs. 


I have to admit that one of the driving forces (no pun intended) behind the trip down was to get a chance to listen to the Liquid Gold, and getting to listen to the big black amp o' Liquid Fire was a bonus.  Meeting Alex and getting to just chat about random stuff headphone and not-so-headphone related was awesome too.


I'll try to post some impressions sometime after I recover from sleep deprivation exacerbated by the long drive.  Right now my self-prescription is a beer and a good night's sleep.

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Thanks Ken of ALO Audio to host the meet, everything was very smooth; and very educational. Thank for Alex from Audeze to fly here joint us. Andrew from Maximo was fun to talk to as usual. It is also  very nice to meet some old friends, you know who you are...



First thing first even with what to expect already, I am still impressed with LCD-2's ability to portray music. I am getting mine soon.

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