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earphones for sony s544 wanted

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Hi all


I bought that player few days ago and only earphones I have now are creative ep-630. Sound with these earphones is terrible bassy and muddy, I dont like it at all. Sony earphones which came with walkman are also weak and nothing special.

Im looking for something decent for that type of player for about 100$ and more if really sound could be improved a lot. I dont have any experience with mp4 at all so I even dont know what kind of sound characteristic got my walkman. I believe its somewhat warmer, because with ep-630 is soooobassy even I like to listen some trance and hiphop music. I have my favourites but first I wuld like to know what you can reccomend for that type of plaer.



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can anyone help me choose earphones? I was thinking about:


sony mdr 300ex 500ex

apple in ear

soundmagic pl50

phonak audeo 012



I listen instrumental music, soundtracks 50% trance/hiphop 50% so it would be nice to have good quite universal earphones. I dont need a lot of bass, rather very nice vocals and not harsh highs. comfort is also very important for me.

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I use both the RE0 and RE-ZERO with my A828 walkman.

They pair well with the walkmans with "clearbass" as it really does a good job lifting the bass in these IEMs.

I dont need to mention the detail and clarity these IEMs produce as it is well documented in these forums.

I will say the ZEROs have more forward and smooth mids (great for vocals)

The RE0s have slightly more aggressive highs with a bit more extension.

Both are great IEMs. It just a matter of preference.

I like to hear crystal clear vocals up front and so the ZEROs are probably my preferred for that.

I really like to hear the breath on the voice and the ZEROs do that perfectly.

The RE0s have a bit more cut in the upper vocals and this sounds absolutely fantastic on some of my more rock orientated music.


I have tried both the IEMs on an s545 a few weeks ago and "clearbass" worked well with them.

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thank you for your opinion. Problem with RE0 is that I would have to buy it "in the dark" because I cant have it here in Poland. On the other hand I heard a lot of good opinions about phonak audeo which could be similiar to RE0. Actually there is an offer in my country for 012 PFE with all filters (green,grey,black) for about 100$.

Can we say that RE0 and phonak audeo are "better" than apple in ear or sony mdr 300, 500?

Can anyone compare RE0 to PFE112/012 with more detailed information?

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