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Originally Posted by akgfan View Post

How does it sound? I made a modification on my akg and it sounded bad with bigger earpads so I had to remove it.

I removed the earpads too, leather pads does not work on Grado.

Put the earpads back on the XB500, sold them for the same price I had bought them for cool.gif

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are you gonna make more modifications to these?

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Yeah but I gave up writting details theyre nearly finished I'l post pics as soon as they're complete.
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Originally Posted by chippechanga View Post


Now the headphones have a nice clean look but they’r far from finished.


grado mod for head-fi 7.jpg

Have you thought about sanding that piece what holds the cups? It should look better if they match to each other. Just my humble opinion.

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Actually it was the plan form the start to switch the cup holder with aluminum from the start, witch i have now done by now.biggrin.gif

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Heh, I just tried the mdr-xb500 pads on my sr-80's tonight before i read this. I broke the Y split on my sony's a while back so I was taking them apart getting ready to rewire them and I was curious as to how well the pads would fit on the grado's. It fit nicely and would only require screws to keep them on. But you're right in saying it sounded terrible. It decreased the sound leakage from the pads, which made the bass louder, which was a plus, but in doing so made everything else muddy. That's partially the reason I originally disliked the mdr-xb500's. I'm definitely waiting on seeing your finished pics. Brilliant stuff so far.

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So the cans are not totally finished, but here are a bunch of pics and a bit of explanation.

It has to be said that everything showed here isn't just a overnight work it have taken months to do (not on full time), and there is a lot of work behind each little stupid detail.




First of all I have removed the grill clothes. Mostly because it looks cooler like this, but it does actually sound better.




Then I changed the cable a bit (still the old Grado cable inside).




With new cable pants.......




.......And a Viablue plug. I have to give this plug some credit; i have now used pailiccs, switchcraft and neutrik, but the viablue is just better than those in every ways.




I made a pair of metal "cup-holders" instead of the plastic yokes.

Thanks to ecclesand for posting a link to this great thread http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/436898/moded-my-rs2-a-little-i-think-they-look-better, witch I used a lot when I made the rings.



These are my new rod blocks (I haven't polished them yet). They are made out of tree aluminum parts each. .




Two of the parts are permanently connected to each other with a hinge and the last part is put in place by two small bolts.

I don't like these hinges, they're too vulnerable and they don't match the aluminum but i couldn't find any others, please post if you know where to get some in some non-brass-metal.

You can see on the left hinge that one of the nails is to centered, well everything can't go right.




I have glued some rubber from a cable to the inside of the "half holes" so i can adjust the rods without a screw.



It works like a sandwich.

Urgh.... it's very clear that they need to be polished in this picture.




So can you guess the point of all this metal.




Here you see to original Grado headbands with the pleather slided off.



All the parts lined up.



And here they're put together. 



Double headband metallic goodness.



And collapsible!




Still need to be polished!



And here they are with the cups, and this is what's unfinished:



They need metal cups to be finished and actually a friend of mine are making them right now.




I'm also going to make or buy some kind of hardcover for them.


That what all for know hope i don't killed your internet with all these pictures.



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holy sheet dude, that metal cup holders are freaking awesome!


you're going to turn the cup to metal too? how much did you spend to make that? it seems better to make the metal cup, buy used grado headband, and then buy the symphones magnum driver modbiggrin.gif

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Well actually This have been pretty cheap to make, I have spent a bit of money on tools, but for the materials i would say i have spent under 100 $.
And for the metal cups, they are a work i progress, but I have Got a friend to turn them for me 100% free!
And I can't afford the magnum mod, I'm just a school kid, so I gota lot of time, but no monney.
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Oh wow! That's some amazing modding. Nicely done.
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Thank you

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looking forward to your in progress metal cup smily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by chippechanga View Post



The metal structure is frigging awesome!


you know, some people would actually pay some serious money for this kind of works...

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That's badass!



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