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Why are you going to buy a pair of new Grado SR325i headphones that will probably be "bested" as soon as your modifications are complete on your SR60 model?  Or, do you plan on attacking the SR325i as soon as the SR60s are done being modified?  If you're jumping up to the SR325i headphones and plan to keep them stock, you should also take into consideration that you're within a small range of money by going to the RS2i, if you get a used pair.  If you get a chance, please do demo a pair of SR325i before making the leap.  They are a different type of headphone - and do behave a bit differently (weight, sound on the low end - as indicated by Bilavideo).


With that being said, I have a pair of SR325 (non "i") version that I picked up used.  The price was right, but I would never see myself buying this model at the new price.

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I got what I felt was a pretty fair deal on a used set =]  If I'm blown away by my results with the SR-60, I don't see why I couldn't try much the same treatment on the 325's (come to think of it.. would woodied 325's be any different than woodied 60s?). But I guess I'm just more comfortable experimenting with something I could probly only get about $50-60 for if I wanted to sell them off anyways.  I plan on using the 325's stock for quite a while and get a feel for their sound before I try messing with anything.


Conversely, if I decide the modded 60's are everything I wanted, I shouldn't lose much reselling the 325s since I got them used to begin with.  But I appreciate the advice.


My initial intent wasn't in modding the old pair.  I wanted to upgrade to a nicer Grado after trying out a couple other brands.  Then I figured, well once I have my nicer Grado to enjoy most of the time.. and the old pair won't really fetch all that much to sell, why not get a little creative with some wood cups?


My motivations aside, anyone got some advice for what kinda shape I should shoot for? Also 1-piece vs. 2-piece design?  TIA

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Can someone make wood cups for SR80i in this this thread? (must be cheaper than Jmoney's)

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Try PM'ing Bilavideo for cups, he might be able to help you out.


As for modded 60/80/125/225/325 etc, I am sure there are differences, but I am willing to step forward and suggest they are minimal.  I own a set of modded 60i's, and I heard back to back vs a modded set of 325i's at a Head Fi meet last month.  I shared mine with the owner of the modded 325's.


I loved the look of the 325's (the cocobolo in person is very sweet), but as for SQ, neither of us was thinking there was much difference between our sets.


I also had a stock set of Alessandro MS1i's when I bought my 60i's.  I modded the 60i's and sold the stock MS1i's.  I am sure I would have enjoyed modding those too, but I figured I better sell them stock to get my investment back, before I open them up and likely reduce their value (ironically) on the used market.


I am still struggling to find the right cheap (under $100) USB DAC to use with my Millet Max Hybrid, and my modded SR60i's.

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I just received my cups from Bill! Are there supposed to be metal grills on them already? Because mine doesn't. frown.gif


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pretty sure it was just cups he does. I hope mine made the post today.

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Originally Posted by schwallman View Post

pretty sure it was just cups he does. I hope mine made the post today.

Yea he just does the shells, I think eclein is the only one that gets cups with screens =P


Hope mine made the post as well.

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What kind of metal mesh do you guys use? Where did you get it? How did you mold it to look nice and get it to fit/stay in the cups?



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Originally Posted by patsrule711 View Post

What kind of metal mesh do you guys use? Where did you get it? How did you mold it to look nice and get it to fit/stay in the cups?



 ive used a metal tray organizer before. superglued it to the cups.

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I've been using letter organizers. I am almost out of material though and I stopped at the store in Philly I bought my last one at for a dollar and they were out. I haven't actually glued any in yet, for now I have been bending them to a shape that uses the force of the metal to hold them to the wooden walls. This has worked out fairly well so far, but I will be tacking them in place with glue eventually. I do feel that I need to find some material with a slightly finer mesh though, I find myself really liking the way Eclein's cups look with Bill's mesh.


Hoping my new driver gets here before Thursday, otherwise it will be another week before I am home and can enjoy it.

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"It has been waiting at the leather shop for me to pick up for over a week now Ed. I haven't had the opportunity to pick it up yet but I hope to on Monday. I'll be sure to drop you a line once I've shipped it.


Bill."--Big Bill


Big Bill I must apologize, I had a real bad attitude the other day when I wrote the post about the headbands--Please except my apology!!

 I've been really struggling of late, forget that I can't walk, at 53 I can't drive ever again most likely and go grab a burger or pickup some soda real quick-I have to takeTaxi's to doctors appts. and alot of my scripts are not covered, $146/month here,$65/month there and these doctors want money upfront...I've had to start cancelling appts because I couldn't afford to get there or pay for it....I'm on my own, no family around and no real interest on their part I don't


BACK to modding--screens- Bill put some in mine because I was fresh out of the Hospital and he's a great, awesome guy and knew that was the look I was going for.


I found a bunch of different mesh's on Amazon:


There is a spot up top to put in specs or material and find other kinds--I'm looking at maybe brass, depending on the shell color...

When mine came from Bill it was round like a windscreen on a Shure SM-58?? mic....I kept it in the shell and just put it on my desk and from the inside just pushed it flat and made that 90 degree angle...if you cut an oversize disk out of the mesh and push it into the shell so it comes out the other end if you left enough extra mesh you'll have enough on the inside to fix it to the side of the shell or whatever...find the post where I put the picture of the inside of the shell regarding the foam and you'll see the screen bent in that shot.


The shells I have now with that mesh and all, the evs ground enhancers etc..will get the leather headband and be a nice finished piece and very sharp looking along with incredibly excellent sounding--they will be done, finished, never sold, always cherished...a lot of heart and heartache went into making them, one mans incredible kindness bestowed upon another man to help him make it through the most difficult time in his life- I wouldn't know how to begin to put a price on that!!! did anybody try the thin foam thing I did to these behind the screen yet???


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Oh ok thanks. Well I'll have to figure out something for that empty spot in the cups. tongue_smile.gif

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Originally Posted by sysfail View Post

I just received my cups from Bill! Are there supposed to be metal grills on them already? Because mine doesn't. frown.gif


thats what i thought also............ i guess when i get mine.............. well........... maybe take the grills out of the original cups? im sure i will tear something up smile.gif

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When I modded my Alessandro cups I just bought stainless steel mesh. Can't remember the specs, but I definitely got something with a high open area, like 70%+. Something like 0.7mm woven wire with 1.5mm holes. It's pretty much identical to the 225/325 mesh except with thinner wire so that I could cut with scissors, which also meant it was more open too.




edit: found specs:


Mesh Count: #10 mesh - 10 wires or holes per linear inch.
Wire Diameter: 0.56mm
Aperture: 1.98mm - this is the hole size and it is square
Open Area %: 60.8%

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^^ thanks lawrywild i guess i will try to find some and see what i can do.

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