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I just finished my first ever woodies... they look like crap. made from palochina wood very similar to pine.


after several listening tests, i noticed the clarity... the sound doesnt come too crowdy anymore and...

i lost some treble and gained a thickness in the mids which makes some sibilant treble very listenable... but i think i lost some shimmer.

dont know if i will like this or im just too used to the old grado sound. will try mahogany next.


thanks to this thread!

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I am astounded at the separation the Cocobolo gives the Grado's. The detail in it's instrument is brought to the forefront.

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Originally Posted by JamesMcProgger View Post


OK then, Thank you all for the replies. so the trick is the reflection of the waves, and it depends on the material providing such reflection. nice explanation bilavideo!


and eclein those looks nice, lets see where am I in 2 or 3 months from now. And i will get some wood cups, but first i must read more and find out which ones i want. I have seen some pretty awesome mods in this thread, I must confess got hooked by the look, that was why i started reading it.


James-If you get stuck or don't like what your hearing we will help you, Bill and everyone here at this point can point you in the right direction to tweak these. Even if you ruin a pair, very unlikely unless you try driver liberation, we seem to have established a mini network of Grado-ites and seem to be able to find the missing piece or pieces to get you back on track.


 My list of tweaks that really start to make these special: (these are part of the entire series as outlined by Bill- but for me these were big changes-do them all of course but these I really noticed)

1) Ventilation holes-poking holes with a ballpoint in the driver housing outside ring thing

2) Dynamat- The stuff you put on the back of each driver, the great equalizer as this stuff really and subtlely does so many things and takes the edge off.

3) Shells-The shells and wood type are a big change, I'm using Cocobolo and couldn't be happier. 


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I´m goig to order some new cups, i think to do 2 models one small and another big, and i draw some models. I need help for choiceCOPAS.JPG what model do you prefear?. Thanks.

Greetings fron Spain, and all with Japan.

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I really like the RS-1 and #3.

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RS1 and #2 floats my boat......

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Stick to basics: RS1 and GS1000.

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geometry needs some smooth shading. RS1 is a good choice

Originally Posted by CABILLAS View Post

I´m goig to order some new cups, i think to do 2 models one small and another big, and i draw some models. I need help for choiceCOPAS.JPG what model do you prefear?. Thanks.

Greetings fron Spain, and all with Japan.


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RS1 it is for me also. I have always loved the way they look - dimensions, feel, weight and look is spot on! :)

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I got a pleasant email from Jaben today!


"Hi Lawrence, The AluMod actually comes with free shipping, so we are refunding you the additional US$32.07 charged. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Regards, Vanessa"



Very nice of them!

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Originally Posted by KneelJung View Post

Actually I got mine from Todd at TTVJ, but I do remember you offering up yours in the thread a while back. We did swap some PM's on our impressions. I like them more now then I did then, but I'd still love to have something that sonically is a compromise between the bowls and the jumbos, so maybe you can work on that sml1226. Anyway I did some measurements. The jumbos are 3" at the base and flange up a 1/2" to a 4" diameter that is 7/8" tall on the outside and bowl shaped on the inside The total height is 1 3/8".


I think there is a lot going on with this thing other than the dimensions though. The bottom and the top are both pretty rigid, probably for structural integrity purposes, but it probably influence the sound as well; and I'm sure the density of the foam and the shape of that inner bowl influences the sonic presentation.


BTW if one of the black helicopter guys from Grado is lurking I think there is a market for the compromise between the sonics the bowls provide and the sonics the jumbos provide, just saying.



Alright. I can say from my attempt, the flare affects the strength over the longer length a lot more than it does the sound. The bowl area probably has more of an effect on sound as you said, but honestly I doubt that the flare does. To me it just seems like they did it because a 4" circle at 1.5" thick would look weird and they can use less foam in the process that way.

I'm headed over to get some wire and possibly foam to continue my efforts though. And I'm thinking I may drop the height down a little to get to your suggestion. We're going to have some Jumbowls by the time I'm done here. (suggestions for a better name are welcome tongue.gif)
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Just finished installing the braziliean rosewood skinnies that Bill sent me. The low end response is amazing!

Everything is just so rich, full and deep sounding. There's such real depth without a hint of it being muddy.

I can't even listen to my other cans, they all sound so lackluster in comparison now. Ridiculous!

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The rabbit is dead and the hutch is empty.


And although I'm digging myself out of a hole, I can't help but think . . . . 


















Like the man said, it doesn't rain every day.



If I can do it, you can too - and probably better.

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Bill, I am impressed how concentric your holes are. No matter what I do, things never line up perfectly and aren't totally concentric. I wish I could get things looking as nice as yours. What kind of hole saws do you actually use?


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