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Pretty sure that's a 3.5mm jack y-splitter with it's innards ripped out.





That's pretty ingenious
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Bill, I'm sorry to hear your grandkids caught fever and pneumonia. It really sucks and I hope they will get well soon. Take care dude.


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I've been following this thread with great humbleness and passion .  But no longer can remain silent , your six year old child is in our families prayers for a speedy recovery,  Bill.


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As well as your Grandson....


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Take good care of the little ones Bill. I know they are in  the best company anyone could hope for. 

Hey, thanks everyone.  I appreciate the messages of hope, friendship and support.  My daughter took off to Orlando with my grandkids, one of whom has pneumonia.  He had a terrible fever when they left.  When my six-year-old daughter came down with the same fever, I worried about her.  She ended up crashing for the better part of the weekend but she appears to be fever-free now.  Whew!  


Sometimes, life sends you a perspective update.


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urgh... going on a trip with a horrible fever isn't going to be fun for him... hope he gets better soon though. are they heading to disney?



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Originally Posted by Bilavideo


Sometimes, life sends you a perspective update.


Ain't that the truth!!! Be well and now you get some rest...atsmile.gif


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Glad to hear things are not as bad as originally feared Bill, curious though, when you drill your holes how thick is the piece of wood you start with? I think I found a piece of African Blackwood, it's,  3 x 3 x 12. My thinking right now is I can drill out 4, 2.75"  dowels, or there abouts, cut those in half and have 8, 1.5" cups that I then want to have turned on a lathe. That's my thinking right now anyway.


I'm still trying to figure out and decide what wood to use for the driver shell. I was hoping to prompt some discussion on that front with my previous post about guitars, and the way luthiers combine top woods and tonewoods to construct a guitar. Do you have any thoughts in that regard. My other option could be to just have one solid piece and place a liberated driver directly into the Blackwood.

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what cable would one recommend for a pair of cocobolo sr-80s? aswell as a 1/4 mini plug.



billa i too am glad to hear that things are lookin up for the kids.

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Originally Posted by Alchieng View Post

Stratocaster nice job overall.  Where did you source the splitter for your headphone cable from?





Al, like lawrywild sugggested, it's a 3.5mm jack y-splitter I operated on. Cheap, easy to get, does the job perfectly. If the outgoing holes are somewhat too large for you, you may decide on an adapter for 2 headphones, which is a little more delicate overall.


Bill, I am very glad to hear one of the littluns is better already, the other surely to follow soon! Good news at a time of desaster and sorrow. 

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Hi all,


A few month ago I tried one of my friends sr60 and loved it, so I started getting information about those headphones and find your thread about mods...woohah! I've never thought about modifying my headphones before and now I really want to get a pair of sr60 and mod them!

Of course now, I have to get the headphones but a brand new pair is really expensive in the UK so I was wondering if you have any advice on how to get some cheaper in Europe or even if anyone got a spare one that will be good enough to start with. My plan is to make myself some portable cans with single sided/detachable wire, change the pads for some sennheiser HD414 and maybe change the plastic grid for some metal mesh. I would actually rather find some old version which got thinner seems that there is not much difference for portable use so if they are thinner/lighter that would be better.


I have been through a big part of the thread but I might have missed some good posts, so feel free to give me any advice on how to start, mistakes not to make...


Thanks everyone for sharing all your experience.


PS: Bill, I hope your grandchildren are getting well...I should have start with this actually.

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For the Euro based folks, it seems that Alessandro's are the way to go.  I had a set of MS1i, and vs my stock SR60i's I preferred the MS1i's.  Once I started modding, I sold off the Alessandro's, as they modded SR60i were better than the stock MS1i.  There is a large thread about MS1000 you might want to check out here, is a recipe for modding Alessandro's that makes a lot of folks happy.

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Yeah, I have already opted for Alessandro MS1 headphones. Will be trying the Jaben Alu mod shells with a MS1 which is due to arrive pretty soon.

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charly777---How much are they (Grado's) in the UK as compare to here?...Do the math and if your willing to pay for all the shipping we could think of something...PM me and I'll run the idea by you.

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I haven't thought about the Alessandro MS1 option... But I don't find that much shop that sell them in Europe. 

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Greetings all, good to still see a frenzy of activity here. I was away all weekend taking down some trees with a friend, so access was limited.


I'm trying to decide how to proceed with my projects, because I can't listen, I spent a few minutes staring at my Padauk cups and there is way more orange peeling and pitting in the lacquer than I would like. So I think at some point, they are getting sanded some and hopefully I can get a smoother top finish. At least I have time, without a driver, there is no listening I am missing out on while I work on these. I also have some Purpleheart cups to finish up and next on the list is Leopardwood......


Bill, I am very glad to see your daughter is feeling better. I hope your grandson quickly recovers as well!

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Originally Posted by charly777 View Post

I haven't thought about the Alessandro MS1 option... But I don't find that much shop that sell them in Europe. 

You have got to order them directly from The Alessandro homepage, they come at $99 shipping covered. Of course you have to add VAT and customs.


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Ok thanks, I'll have to check how much will cost VAT and custom then...I doubt it will be cheap though.

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