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Thanks for all the great info Bilavideo. Punching holes in the fabric behind the driver on my SR-325is put the finishing touch on my mods. I went with 4 holes.

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Originally Posted by nathanv View Post

amazing stufff keep posting billavideo


Thanks, man.  I've been away for a few days but I'm going to show you the latest in a project I'm completing.

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Thanks for all the great info Bilavideo. Punching holes in the fabric behind the driver on my SR-325is put the finishing touch on my mods. I went with 4 holes.


That's cool!  I love it when somebody comes back and confirms that the venting mod really works.


UPDATE - I started making grills.  I hadn't done this before and was looking for just the right mesh when I ended up using the screen off of one of my windows (I'm in trouble again).



My first attempts involved the use of the drill press, which made perfect circles.  The problem was that it also created a hole in the center from the drill bit, which leads out ahead of the hole saw.  This, I suspect, has some connection to Grado's original idea of covering the center with a button.  Why else would anybody put an obstruction in the center of a vent?




Using decent scissors, I was surprised at how easily the metal grill yielded to cutting by hand.




I used the center cut-outs from making the shells as molds.  This allowed me to give structure to the screen and give it more body.  Instead of being pasted flat against some flat outer disk, these fit nicely within the shells as they are.  I like the shape.  It's not as bulbous as some I have seen, but it gives the screen a nice body to it.




With this approach, the screens make a sharp fit to the shells, and without the need of a top-layer desk to hold them in.






In this picture, you can see the additional work I need to do to fix up the shells and spruce up the wiring, but that's fine.  I'll get there.  In the meantime, I've got grills I really like.









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Damn, I must admit that's quite an idea in respect of alternative mesh design...

Originally Posted by Bilavideo View Post


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Hi Bill, beautiful work, I like the candy enclosure very much. Check your PM, Bill.


Have a great weekend !


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Originally Posted by Bilavideo View Post



Impressive. Are you planning on getting more silver cable for those beauties up there? 

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I modded these for a (very patient) friend who said he didn't want the silver wire, since the 225i comes with the four-connector cable, but on my other projects I'm going to make silver a mainstay.  I can't convince everybody that this is good stuff but I just love it.  I feel like I've walked into a debate between silver fanatics and silver skeptics, with the fanatics giving testimonials over the benefit of their $500 cables and the skeptics laughing at $500 wire.  For $50, I made my own four-braid 99.99% silver cable and it was the best $50 I ever spent.  If it cost me $500, I'd choke and sputter, too, but what's $50 in this hobby?

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It's...It's beautiful!!

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By gaw those are pretty. They've gone beyond the 'mod' look and are now looking like products you might sell. Sure they're a bit rough around the edges, but it adds to the rustic charm.


Dammit, I need some Grados.

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I just removed the cloths from the front of the drivers, vented the drivers, and placed non-drying clay all over

the chambers to help with resonant problems... on my SR-80--and i'm AMAZED. I'm listening to Radiohead's

Kid-A right now... bass is amazingly more open, there's more soundstage, and its so much more intimiate.

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i just finished reading through this entire thread and i have to say this is amazing work... the progression of your projects, leading up to the most recent 'candied' wood versions + custom mesh grills is incredible.


great stuff in this thread, subscribing. keep up the amazing work!

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You're totally insane! I love it. When I saw that screen actually still in the window with a big rectangle cut out of it I almost lost it. Lmao! They look great and they're coming along nicely. :)

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I can't help but give my own SR60s a dirty look after seeing this. 


Really nice!

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Thanks, everybody!

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I just killed a driver on my 80i,unsoldered the wires to the driver to install Jaben metal  ps1000 cups resoldered the wires no sound on one driver.

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PM sent.

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