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where did you get that mesh? I seriously cant find any good mesh.

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You can get mesh from, Actually a lot of places have it. Just look for mesh tubing.

And about the wire, yes thicker could be better, to an extent. For example, if you somehow manages 0AWG to some Apple Earbuds, they would still suck. You can only improve to an extent, after which you are just adding weight. So for phones, you likely want to keep it relatively small (18AWG max... and that's pushing it) to keep it flexible.
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At least get some silver, maybe a few feet of silver, a few of copper and braid your own?


or get the 4x braid like I plan to hahahahaha.

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K guys, working out a price sheet, anyone got links to the plugs for the cable, like the...I have no idea what its called the headphone jack? I got the price of the cable, couldn't find headshrinke*if anyone knows a good place to buy it my local hardware store BLEWS* and the wooden/metal cups....because those were just damn sexy.

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What kind of jack? The little 3.5mm, or a full 1/4" one? Or something using XLR? Mouser has all of those.

Tubing is everywhere if you want the basic 2:1 polyolefin stuff. Better stuff can be found at a lot of nicer stores. Partsconnexion has a lot, and they have the mesh tubing too.

There are plenty of other options for buying, but I know both of those places have those things you've mentioned.
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I was just looking, I couldent find the mash, like to go on the back of hte can at either sight you said, and I dont need tubing for the wire, I just need some Heatshrink for the jack and the  Y split, and yea the 3/4th inch jack I seriously cant find one and even if I don I dont know if its good.

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3.5mm plug
2:1 Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing
Polyester Mesh Tubing

There's some stuff, all at the one place I mentioned. Qables has a Y split. Mouser has a 3.5mm jack I posted somewhere around here a few days ago.

But if you're getting wire from HGA, just get the mesh tubes from there.
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yea, I was saying I dont think I need the mesh tubeing I'm looking for a mesh screen for the vent on the phones. I found that on amazon hahaha.

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Originally Posted by BizFromQC View Post

Hey Chris, those really look nice.


Do you mind telling me (and commenting on the use of) the two different Y-Splits you are using? The one from the 325 and the one from the 60...


I'm also trying to find locking collars for the cup posts (attached to the headband) locally but without any luck... Anyone know where I can find some online that will ship to Canada of better yet, willing to sell me a couple :-)





Originally Posted by ccklone View Post

Hey Now,


Since I was taking photos, here is my woodied SR325 (s/n 936) conversion with the Bilavideo mods. I received these woodied 325s in a trade. The cups I believe are walnut, but one side had a split. I repaired the split with epoxy. Not pretty but solid. The headphones had been re-cabled SE with some good quality copper, so I kept that. I re-terminated with a Neutrik 4-pin XLR. I punched all 10 holes with my old Palm Pilot stylus, works perfect. I damped the driver and the plastic cup with Dynamat. Removed the screen as well. Using some gimbal locks with rubber washers. Got a pair of jumbo pads and they sound great. I am using them balanced at the moment thru my Opus DAC and A-GD Roc. Very wide soundstage, good bass impact and smooth trebles, it's all good 8^).






I bought a pair of old SR60s a while back and re-cabled with Mogami_mini-quad W2893 terminated with a 1/8" Switchcraft plug. Then starting reading this thread. I have done all the same mods except that I used felt instead of Dynamat, I am going to replace the felt with Dynamat. It sounds better I think. I got these walnut wood cups in the same trade for SR325s. Both cups were split and again epoxy is your friend. Not pretty but very functional. I am using a Beyer headband. These are for portable use primarily.






The SR60s sound close to the SR325s. I think I will get even closer when I swap out the felt on the SR60s with Dynamat.


Thanks for all the info and inspiration in this thread. These pair of Grados sound better than I could have imagined. I am throughly enjoying them.



Finest kind,





hey where did you guys get that headband piece from in the bottom pics? looks comfy

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Originally Posted by WhiteCrow View Post

yea, I was saying I dont think I need the mesh tubeing I'm looking for a mesh screen for the vent on the phones. I found that on amazon hahaha.


The mesh I used :

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Originally Posted by Melvins View Post

hey where did you guys get that headband piece from in the bottom pics? looks comfy


Hey Now,

It is a Beyerdynamic replacement headband for a DT770 on their website. It cost around 20 bucks with shipping. I just sent off my extra one to Zach aka BobSaysHi. they are pretty comfy compared to the plastic band on the SR60.

I was directed to Headroom for a J$ pad and just bought one for my SR325s. I just checked out the website, they say they are sold out. I must have gotten the last one 8^).

Finest kind,


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Wasnt there some stuff on making your own headband in this thread; or does anyone know if there is a thread on it, I tried searching but came up empty?

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^^somebody please answer this haha

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