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$300 cans for an M^3 amp playing post rock

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So at some point I'm going to get a M^3, if I can become 400 times at sourcing parts and building things (please help). Anyways, this is my Last.FM plays:


Screen shot 2010-08-21 at 4.00.56 PM.png


I'm also listening to a lot of The Smashing Pumpkins and The Twilight Sad as of late. So as you can see I like prog rock, alt rock and post rock. I've been looking at k702s, because they were in the price range and are just plain gorgeous, but they might not have the mids I need. I've also been looking at AD700s, because they're also good looking at get a lot of praise.


All I got now are a set of livewires c-IEMs which I adore but I want an upgrade. So that's that, help please... (I don't really like Senns, I can't stand the way they look)

Oh and if anyone has cans near Ashland, Oregon, mind if I pop over and give em a listen?

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If you don't mind waiting for the batches to be made, the Symphones (.ca) Magnums based on the Grado SR-60s. I have the full mod based on the 325is, which are HD-800-fast to my ears if you have a good source and amp.  I think they are vastly underrated and a hell of a bargain.  My $0.02 and all that. 

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I hear Grado's are horribly uncomfortable...

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They are uncomfortable only if you have your ears sticking out. If your ears are pretty flat (parallel to the head), then they are no problem (at least for me). Plus they sound just great for rock. Remember to amp with high current so you can tame and control the frequencies. The mini 3 is just perfect when it comes to amping low impendance headphones like grados because of it's high current output (250mA)
Are you getting the high performance version?

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Not the mini^3, the full sized Mosfet amp by AMB. I believe the Mini three is based on the M^3.

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Since they sit on your ears, they do get uncomfortable after a while, that's the major downside.

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