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Cmoy first build questions

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Hi ,

Firstly I am new to this forum, and new to electronics.

I am 14 and want to build a cmoy, to improve the bass and sound of my Sony earbuds.

I have an iPod touch to drive my headphones currently.

First question:

I am basing my cmoy on the tangentsoft one. I was going to use 470uf caps instead of the 220s. What else can I do to improve the bass?

Second question:

I wanted to use the burr brown opa134pa. Does it matter that this chip is single not dual, and what are the differences?

Thanks in advance!
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First question:


The bigger the better.

I use up to 1000 uF, whatever will fit.


Second Question:

OPA134 is a single op amp. You will need two, one for each channel.

OPA2134 is a dual op amp (two OPA134 in one package), you only need one.


Good Luck!

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Man,I wish I was as pro active at 14 as Rchez08 is.

By the time he is my age he would have built all DIY amps in this site and more!! 

Good luck kid and keep on researching. 

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Thanks for the quick replies guys.
Haha I am kinda pro active, I always have something to make going around in my head. It gets kinda annoying.
How big a cap will fit in a mint tin?
Also are there any other bass boosting ways?
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Use bigger input caps 0.47uF - 1uF instead of the 0.1uf will give better bass




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I guess that two singles can output more current together than one dual op amp.

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Ok thanks. I will use the bigger caps then.
I will stick with the dual op amp though, as it is cheaper.
How much does The op amp actually vary the sound? Will cheaper ones perform as well?
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Changing the opamp does affect the sound. But much less than changing the headphones or changing the amp circuit.


There's a very long thread titled "The Opamp thread" that might interest you.


Seems to be quite subjective as to which opamps are better or worse. But generally, OPA2134 is pretty inexpensive compared with many of the other audiophile opamps that people like to use. I say start with OPA2134 rather than go looking for cheaper substitutes. Because either way, you'll probably end up getting it eventually just to satisfy your curiosity of wondering how it would sound like.

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ok thanks. this is my current shopping basket



rapid.jpg i am planning to build 2 cmoys: one for me, and one for ebay, to pay for them :)

does it look ok?


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also just added these http://www.rapidonline.com/Cables-Connectors/Connectors-Multipole/DIL-Sockets/Low-profile-turned-pin-DIL-sockets/63764

and this was the layout i was planning on



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The Pot should be LOG not linear


2 watt resisters are way over the top 1/4 watt is heaps




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I know the 2 watt resistors are overkill, but they were the cheapest?!?!
Okay I will find a different pot, thanks
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I Found this pot
Is it suitable? Does it have to be 10k, or can it be less? What would the difference be?
Finally could I use a switched pot?
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Hi the dual pot is fine




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ok is the dual one for each channel?



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