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Best IEM for video (movies, TV, etc)

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Price not being a factor, what is (are) the best IEM(s) for video (i.e., DVD, TV, movies, camcorder, etc)?

For full-sized cans, I prefer beyer 880s to Sennheiser 650s. I think the a head/earphone has to be pretty fwd sounding to do best with video. But that may be a personal choice.


What IEM(s) go(es) best with your fave movies, TV, camcorder footage, etc.?

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Probably earphones with large and wide sound stage would be ideal for movies which have a nice soundtrack. 

Check Radius DDM, IE8, SM3, UM3X, FX700, Ortofon e-Q7, CK-100

There are lots of options, must decide on type of driver you prefer, Balanced Armature or Dynamic?

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I agreed, something with a wide sound stage like the IE8s, but then, if they are mainly for watching DVDs, wouldn't surround system be better for you? Maybe some surround headphones? Stereos IEMs are no match for surround systems.

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I agree.

I love watching movies with my IE8 but I expect surround system would be infinitely better.

Unfortunately, I'm still in university so surround system don't help me much

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JVC FX700, UE TF10Pro, IE8, Radius DDM, SM3 and Westone 3...........

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I have a AV surround sound amp with a surround sound headphone setting for watching dvds with headphones on ,  IE8 ,IE7 ,SM3 ,in that order ,sound great with this setting and provide a great illusion of surround sound , none of the other iem's i have sound quite right with this setting ,some sound very weird indeed .

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I have/use IE8's (and have Shure 530s, but never used them for video and I don't feel like digging them out of basement storage to test!). I have experience with no other high-end IEMs than these. Not sure if IE8s are the best as they are pretty dark, like full-sized 650s. For video/movies/tv, IMO, one needs all the details up close and personal. "Surround" is a non-issue and, IAC, crossfeed  helps a lot.


An IEM "version" of beyer 880s may work best (of all the full-sized cans I own -- see my sig -- I like the 880s best for video, TV, DVD and camcorder). Anyone know what that "880-like" IEM may be?


Someone suggested dedicated surround headphones. Too bulky, so no thx! Anyway...

For movies and music, I like fwd (in-my-face) sound; this sonic attribute for headphones (and all electronics used for that matter) makes movie/tv environmental sounds -- birds, cars, flowing water, etc. -- very distinguishable. I do always use crossfeed, for all listening, and for video this feature puts a lot of audio/soundtrack cues in clear perspective.

Another  way to ask for video-use IEM suggestion, to suit my prefs anyway, would be to ask what IEMs are best for studio or live-sound monitoring?


Thx for all the feedback, and keep it comin', folks! 

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