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Advice for buying IE8's

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Well, here is the thing, in two weeks I'll be visiting paris so I want to take the opportunity and purchase these IEM's. Since I'll be out at all times and there won't be anyone in the apartment to recieve them I need to be able to pick them up in a store.


Both this and this sites sell them for around 185 euros and I can pick them up in any of several places, however, after reading this I'm worried that they are fakes.


Does anyone know these sites? are they trustworthy?


I've been trying to find an authorized dealer in paris but since I don't know anything about french it's been impossible so far...:(


Any advice?


Ps: I'll be in prague and possibly spain as well so, if it is easier to purchase them in these places let me know ;)


Ps2: Is there any place in EEUU where they can be bought for roughly the same price?


Thank you guys :)

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no one :(

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I'm in Canada so I can't help you with any European sites but you might want to contact sennheiser to see whether the stores are authorized retailler.


It's true that Sennheiser IE8's are notoriously copied so it won't hurt to be careful.


You can also browse the sale/trade forum here because they will be cheaper, but make sure you get some proof that it is legit by getting receipt or something.

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Thanks mate, I really appreciate your help. I'll take a look at the forum :)

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that doesnt seem an unreasonable price.  senns do tend to be cheaper over this side

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I'm French and I can tell you that is 200% trusty, Boulanger is like, Future Shop or BestBuy or WaltMart without the cheap stuff in France.

It's a big trusty company !

edit : But it is very unlikely that you can find these in a store for the same price, but you can send them at a "Point relais", and go pick them up there, or maybe talk to someone in the store and explain them your situation and they normaly figure out something to do.

Sorry for my English.

Ps: if you ordering on the site, type "LEAD-7" in "code avantage", it's a discount code of  7 euro.

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Thank you all for your help !


Azenor, thanks, that's why I want to buy these IEM's in these places, because they give me the option of buying them online but picking them up in a "Point relais" which is perfect!


So, it seems that it is safe to buy in this website, now I can purchase them without worrying so much :)


Thanks again guys, I'll let you know when I buy them


Edit: I was thinking, since I am going to pick them up I would like to know, which are the most evident differences beetwen fake and real IE8s? given that I have the opportunity to check them before going back home It's worth taking a good look at them to see if everything is as expected ;) I read the thread where this topic is discussed but it seems that fake IE8's have gotten better and better over time and now the differences are very hard to spot.


any key difference to look for?

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There's a thread here you might want to search that has pictures of fake and real IE8 that will help you distinguish your pair.


But it's hard to just look at the IE8 for the first time and tell if it's fake unless you have pictures of fake there with you so you can compare. And I doubt the store would let you fiddle too much with the earphone. At least in Canada.


I'm guessing the store offers exchange or return. So just check it when you get home by yourself or post some high res pics so more knowledgeable forum members can help you.

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