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Help out a noob? HD215s are surprisingly horrible.

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Hi forum.


I've been using a pair of HD215s in sweet ignorant bliss for a few years now. Thank god that the cable got damaged, because this forced me to switch to the only other pair of cans in the house, the Philips HP840.


The difference blew me out of the water. The HP840 is superior in every way, and by leaps and bounds. To me, they make the HD215s sound like I've been listening to music with my ears stuffed full of toilet paper.


Unfortunately the headband on the HP840 is damaged and it's hella uncomfortable. I've been trying to buy another pair, but they're proving impossible to find new.


Based on a friend's recommendation, I'm leaning towards a Creative Aurvana Live, followed by a Philips SHP8900, but I am open to any ideas so long as it's available in New Zealand.


My upper limit is $200NZD or $140USD or €110 or £90 but of course I'd like to stay as far below that as possible.


Whatever you recommend, it'll primarily need to be good for watching movies and be comfortable as I'll be using it for long listening sessions. Of course they'll also be used a lot for music, which mainly involves post-rock and post-metal, basically a lot of bass is needed without sacrificing detail or clear high notes. There really aren't any other important factors.


Your expertise is appreciated.

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audio technica M50s

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Originally Posted by AhokZYashA View Post

audio technica M50s

From what I gather they're not the most comfortable. Apparently they're quite a tight fit (I have a big head) closed, and covered in pleather. Do you own a pair?

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A700's have better soundstage than M50's. And they are great for rock/metal genres. 

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ive listened to one.


after listened to HD215,  and its true that the HD215 is more comfortable, and i have a really big head.

the SQ from the M50 just blew me out.

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The headband stretches and it loosens up. It's either clamp or fall off your head. Besides, the pads and really soft and feel like marshmallows. 

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Alrighty. Although it's more than I planned to spend after some more research the M50s are looking pretty good.



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Just be careful. I must stress how important it is not to judge them immediately.


At first I was like 

But then I was like 

And now I'm like 


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yeah the M50 needs some time to burn in to their greatest..

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I have the ath m50 and in NZ Sennsr seems to be the ultimate in headphones I think the ath m50 rocks with my PA2V2 amp. Also try the sony 7506 or sony xb 700, which I also enjoy....

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Sorry meant to say Senns!!! as in Senheiser

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