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HD555/HD595/HD600/HD650/AKG K272HD/ other?

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I won a contest and now have money to spend at Best Buy and since I got my HD 202's I've wanted to upgrade, and I see they now sell some Sennheiser, AKG, and Audio Technica headphones.  There really is no budget, I'm willing to pay $500 for the HD650's if they would be worth it.  I listen to metal, trance, house, rock, and classic rock, which headphone would be best? (It has to be one sold at best buy unfortunately, otherwise I would buy some DT880s) Thanks in advance :D

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After some reading, it sounds like the HD650s are a complete waste of money unless you have a really expensive amp which I don't have nor can I afford, so I think it is between the HD595s and HD600s unless someone has a suggestion.

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Forget about HD555s and probably 595s  - for music they are not that good.

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congrats on the contest,,


i think you should invest in good portable amp then you can enjoy your new headphones..


im thinking of HD555 or AKG-K701

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Does Best Buy sell amps?  And also, they don't carry the AKG-K701.


Edit: I have a philips receiver for surround sound, could that be used as an amp?

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im kinda new for this but i think a receiver and amp is a different thing..



another headphone suggestion is the ESW10JPN

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Oh ok, thank you!  I don't see those on the Best Buy website, but after researching I think I'm just going to go with the HD595's since I don't have an amp and cannot afford one at the moment, and I read these don't require one.  Thank you for the help ;)

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also consider an IEM

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I prefer over the ear headphones, most IEM's do fit in my ears and when they do I find them uncomfortable.

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