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Beyerdynamic 880's Comfort Questions

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I just received my DT800 pros (32 ohms). They sound oh so great, I just am concerned about how my ear feels to touch the foam covering the driver.


Is this something that I should get used to, should I remove the foam covering the driver, could I buy thicker earpads to keep my ears from touching the foam... or am I just too sensitive (which most certainly could be it!)


I'm kinda frustrated since these are so great otherwise!


Any personal experience on this would be great - anyone have this problem and return them? 

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For me and my head, the DT770/880/990 were among the most comfortable cans I've ever had on my head (right after the HD800s).

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I know what you are talking about.

It's not so much the depth of the ear cup as it is the clamping force of the pro series of beyer phones.

You can stretch the headband out some.

Your ear will still touch the foam, but the pressure will be much lighter.

Edit: i am not aware of a 32 ohm dt880 pro.... ???
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If your ears are just touching, and not squashed against, the grills I don't think you have anything to worry about. I had my ears pressed hard against the grills of my old Shure 440, and for that reason I had to sell them off.


No such problems with the DT 880, thankfully.

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