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What's so good about Fischer audio?

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I never really liked the 2 sennheisers that I've tried (hd 228 and hd 238). Very veiled and sibilant. I don't know if the higher models had this kind of trait, but being sibilant (usually because the headphone is bright), while at the same time being dark/veiled is like having the worst of both worlds of warm and bright.

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Grado, although I've heard some that sounded really good. But overall it's their overall signature that I like the least.

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What's so good about Fischer audio?

all of fischer audios gear have amazing staging and just the right amount of coloration, not too much to be neutral, but not overly colored to ruin the music like some grado.  The silver bullet has an incredible stage left and right, the eterna has AMAZING immersion of depth of field in front of you, all while maintaining epic win bass and clarity on par with much more expensive sets


very few sets can do that

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For me it's Denon.  The bass sounds wrong even directly after I audition the K701s... I go from screaming, "MAOR BASS, PL0X!" to "WTFHGWELLSBBQ TOO MUCH."


I'm not a fan of the Sennheiser veil, either.

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Ultrasone, because of the Joker's smile frequency response.

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Denon followed closely by Ultrasone.

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Senns by far. Ugh. I'm not an old man, I want some excitement in my music. No I don't want unrefined low/mid fi smiley face "excitement" but I don't want to put ear muffs on before I put headphones on (best Senn description). Jmo, I don't like smooth or "warm" sound as a rule, but clear and articulate and lively without being harsh or clinical.

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My least favorite would be AKG (excepting the K340), and the Audio Technica headphones that sound like the W5000 and original (non"-X") W1000.

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I'm mixed on the Beyer sound.  Like someone else said, it's hard to say that there is a Beyer "house sound" because they all sound so different.  I own the DT770 Pro 80's, and I love them.  They aren't for everyone, but I think they are really fun, warm, exciting cans.  On the other hand, I once tried a pair of DT 990 "non pro" 250 ohm, and I absolutely hated them.  Extremely bright treble, and overall not very engaging.  Since the first Beyer I owned was the DT770 pro 80's, I was hoping that that was their "house sound", which is what made me try the DT990 250's.


I've heard a few of the Grado cans, and I own the sr125's.  I absolutely hate them.  And I didn't care for any of the other ones I heard.  The reason I bought them is because they were the first "high end" can that I owned and basically didn't know any better.

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I did not particularly think that Sennheiser had a 'dark veil', but now you say that, I agree. But, I am still happy with my PX200s and will happily recommend the HD201s as bargain beginners. The others I have heard, do not do it for me and it was because the sound had a veil over it as if something was being kept back.


Of makers where I have experience with tops are AKG.

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The squeaking of the wooden floors by the refrigerator.

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I dislike wide soundstage. 


I prefer the V curved responses from the M50s and Ultrasone for most music, the only exception being rock, which sounds horrid. Grados do that job well for me. 

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I want to try the W1000X but your description of it sounds like it's too bassy...


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My least favorite would be AKG (excepting the K340), and the Audio Technica headphones that sound like the W5000 and original (non"-X") W1000.

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Haven't really liked any Grados or Denons I've heard

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