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** Earsonics SM3 ** -MINT- 2-wks old ! *** SOLD ***

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Fellow Head-Fi'ers.


Bought these basically to see what the hoopla was all about, and to keep if they fit my tastes.

I see what the hoopla is about, but they are not to my liking (gotta be honest here...). 

If you are looking at this you are already interested in the SM3's and these will be identical to what you get new.


The IEM's are pristine. Played for maybe 40 hours (including break-in). Worn for maybe 4 (with my own eartips). Babied and everything is as new. Box is immaculate as is everything else. Same shipping box I received it in, with the receipt for warranty purposes.


CONUS only... sorry. PayPal gift, unless you pay the fee. Will be shipped USPS Priority Mail, insured. 


I am also including one pair of the famous Sensorcom bi-flange tips! These are fresh, never used and untrimmed.


*** $old ***


PM me with inquiries or for more pics.


Thanks for looking.










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^ It's time for lunch and a daily bump. ^

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hey in your opinion how do these compare to the shures se 535?

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Originally Posted by motion View Post

hey in your opinion how do these compare to the shures se 535?


Thanks for your interest.


Since this is not a discussion thread and the rules are pretty clear, please search for the SM3 or SE535 appreciation threads. There are several of us who have compared them and have posted our observations.


Thanks again.



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sigh......Love to give them a go but the finances are not going to streatch that far..........



free bump

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you have PM!!

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And just like that, they are sold...


Thanks to all for your interest and for the free bump.  





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