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Are Fluke multimeter units sold in Ebay legitimate?

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This blog has a link to Ebay for a Fluke 15b



It is available here:




Are they good?






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I believe they are legit:



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Awsome! The 17B looks pretty good for a noob like me. I may just get one after doing a little more research.

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One of the best out there. I've been using Fluke instruments at work for the last ten years.

I can vouch for their quality. Seen and used a lot of junk multimeters too.

Fluke is top notch stuff at a reasonable price, although I wouldnt buy used from fleabay.

Too many unknowns, could be buying thrashed, damaged goods.

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The 15B and 17B are Fluke meters that are made for the Chinese markets, only.  You can't even find them on the Fluke website (you can look up the manuals, though).


IMHO, the 15B and 17B are in the same line as the 113 - 117 series of meters.  They are a bottom tier line offered by Fluke that are meant to be more competitive with other brands, but their specs/warranty are not at the same level as the 175/177/179 or 80 series.  Just my opinion, but you'd probably be better off searching for competitor's products if looking at these.  You'll be paying a lot just for the "Fluke" name, but not getting the same level of robust/high performance product that made their reputation.

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mmhhhh...... so the 113 - 117 series are not good enough for DIY either?

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Originally Posted by gilency View Post

mmhhhh...... so the 113 - 117 series are not good enough for DIY either?

Where did I say that?  Myself, I use the $5 Harbor Freight DMM for just about 90% of everything DIY.  It's fine for that.


I just said that if you were looking to get a genuine Fluke and all that name represents, you should probably not be looking at these series.  There are better meters at better values than these that don't bear the Fluke name.  If you want the best Flukes and all that the reputation brings with it, then focus on the 175/177/179 and 80-series meters.


Again, for emphasis - JMHO.

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OK. Thanks. Still trying to make up my mind. I would not expend more than the 115 is worth.....  heck... I am just trying to learn about DIY...

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I wouldn't completely disregard the used market.


I'm very pleased with the 175 I got off the 'bay. These are tough little buggers

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Flukes do last though.  I've got a Fluke 8022B and 8024B on the bench, both are at least 20 years old and going strong.

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I'd also go with a used one.  I've got an old bench meter (probably early 80s, judging by the display), a 12 I inherited some years back, and a 187.  All of them are excellent and haven't had an issue with any of them.


By the way, Fluke has remarkably good deals on company-branded shirts and hats.

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I should note as well, that the two meters I have came from different sources (my dad and my father-in-law), but the read exactly the same so either they don't lose calibration, or they drifted exactly the same amount in the same direction.

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I'd prefer a USA-made Fluke, namely a 87. I have one and I have no doubts about it. Makes me feel all warm inside knowing it wasn't made in a sweatshop.

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Is the Fluke 27 any good?

fluke 27.jpg

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It's a Fluke meter. They're all good quality. It's less a question of if it's good than what feature set the unit has.


The 27 is a (discontinued) "harsh environments" model. You might be able to find one with more relevant features for the same cost or less by picking a non-ruggedized model.

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