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Nice rides, guys! Loving the VFR, just picked up a '63 Moto Guzzi project bike, 600 dollars including running motor ;)

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Here is my Lexus RX450h



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Originally Posted by sanakaku View Post


I think we have a another thread like this.


Not quite.

This thread is about rides, which is not limited to cars only. Unlike the thread you linked to..

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Here is one of my cars the other one is in the shop being "restored" 


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06 Ram, 4.7l auto trans.beerchug.gif108.jpg

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My ride. Aptly dressed to face it's first canadian winter. Yes, those are DIY studded tires.




And in case you're wondering. No, it didn't go trough it's first winter unharmed. It ruined the plating on the cheap stock fork.




You're probably thinking that I have the lamest ride on here, but I like to believe that Mother Earth sees it the other way around. wink_face.gif

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New 991, black 2012 Carrera S:

My wife's car (not hers but looks just like it). 2012 Beetle.


No, I'm not completely sure why she wanted brown, she just did. And she insisted on those funky wheels too...
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