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Post your ride...

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This topic is quite popular on another forum I regularly contribute to, so let's see member's cars!


My SMG 2, selling in order to acquire a new land rover defender:






'06 GT, that i've been trying to sell through independent pres. for about seven months



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Seems to be spam rather than posting your ride....

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Originally Posted by balderon View Post

Seems to be spam rather than posting your ride....

I guess this works more successfully on some forums, rather than others.

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Originally Posted by cjpearson View Post

I guess this works more successfully on some forums, rather than others.

"I didn't get it either cjpearson!   Nice buggies!

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The OP seemed to be motivated by a desire to sell both vehicles to fund the purchase of a Land Rover instead of telling us about the cars or experiences.

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ohh i see

well i can't sell it on here anyway because I have a traded them and the dealership is solely responsible for their sale now.

The smg 2 - perhaps the best car i've owned. In it's original form it came to me from Germany with a standard SMG gearbox, which I subsequently upgraded (electronics and carbon shifters,) it now shifts in a blistering time, not to mention it's fantastically fun to drive - in 'sports mode' which was developed for track use, disengages traction system and adjusts gear shift ratios and shift/valve timing. 

In terms of track usage i've only driven it in a proper race situation twice. Once in Taupo and once in Pukekohe. Both times it was simply amazing. The M3 is perhaps the best driveable track car in production, and the new e92 is no exception. The wheels I bought on ebay for a very good sum. They are carbon and steel, made in Italy. The Carbon hood and trunk were also aftermarket and I purchased those from an online BMW parts specialist


The maserati is a difference vehicle entirely. This car has the same engine configuration as the Enzo, minus 4 cylinders. It's quite simply a rocket. the technology used in the car is second-to-none and it uses a F1 derived gearbox and is subsequently a very quick shifter. I got a lot of enjoyment out of both cars, and I owned the Maser from new. My only digg with both cars is the practicality factor. I am getting into hunting a lot more, and subsequently need something that is built for the rigors of off-roading, rather than highway cruising or track racing.


Let's hear your stories and experiences guys!



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Things are not always as they are perceived to be. My bad.


BTW: The link for the SMG 2 picture was lost in the OP.

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Darn, I see now. Thanks mate.



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My ride - a '08 Honda VFR800




Faster than most of your rides!

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1997 Ford Ranger Sport XLT Supercab


1997 Ford Ranger Splash

1992 Ford Econoline E150 Hi-Top Conversion Van


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'97 Acura CL 3.0L. It's dying :'(



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I think we have a another thread like this.

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My ride:




Having a car in the city is overrated! ...And expensive.

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Here is my truck, 07 Escalade ext. Had it lowered with custom grill and other tweaks.

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