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I have a few questions regarding the 6G faceplate -> 5/5.5G iPod mod

I have a CF moddet and rockboxed 30GB 5.5G iPod i want to keep going.

The faceplate is pretty roughed up and i was looking around to replace it when i came a cross a 6G faceplate -> 5/5.5G iPod mod.

If i got it right there are two ways to do it.
1. Get a 6G faceplate and modify it and the 5/5.5G frame (with a dremel).to get the two parts to fit togehter.
2. Get a 6G faceplate AND 6G frame and move the 5G guts the the 6G frame.

What are the pros and cons for 1 and 2?

And is a 6G clickwheel and center button required as well?