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Meier Audio Quickstep (also Stepdance and 2Stepdance) Discussion and Impressions Thread - Page 169

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All look same to me.
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Just a quick question, how similar is the Jazz against Quickstep?

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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

I am looking forward to hearing it paired with T5p. 

T5p and Quickstep is a very powerful combination. I use an ODAC in front of them and it makes a very VERY good transportable system I can bring with me to work or when traveling. I am looking forward to read about your impressions when you get it.

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The amp just arrived and ofcourse I have to go to work in an hour. Paired with DD socket 1 (muses01 edition) ,copper interconnect and lithium energizer battery here are my early impression:

  • Solid built
  • Portable, stacks up nicely on AK120
  • Hiss is present on Ck100pro. Right out of the box it makes ck100pro sound sibilant
  • Brilliant synergy with EX-1000, have not heard the ex-1000 bass this solid. A sound that is saying to the headphones (bring it on!). 
  • I always thought F111 is like the BA IEM version of EX-1000. Very pleased with how it pairs.
  • Sounds good with T5p although I prefer the higher gain on T5p. I can't say I am liking T5p alot, it seems like I just dislike its tuning. I can safely say that I prefer IEM more than headphones. 
  • Clear, neutral with 4 out of 5 of my IEM which I can assume safely that it was just a synergy thing with Ck100pro. 


I can say safely paired with DD socket 1 I can finally say I have my reference line up set up ready. I have not tried it with ER4S as I know if I plug it in now I will not be able to focus once I go to work. I am certain it will pair perfectly with ER4S.


Ofcourse there are cons on this amp that I yet to discover but right now the only con is not having internal charging circuit, with the amp of such price I actually prefer to get a dedicated power supply. All and all this is certainly a keeper. 


I did a quiet comparsion to MHd-Q7, the bottom end on the MHd-Q7 has a bit more quantity and sound is a little more open but than again I have used that for well over 1000 hour.

It is a keeper and I am looking forward to pairing it with AK120 in futures to come. 

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Is it safe to run the xp8000 through the wall outlet and quickstep while charging as power source?
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I've done it, without harming anything, but I could hear noise with IEMs, no noise with full-size.
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I had to use it as a power supply for my laptop when I forgot the power supply at home. It worked fine for two days straight. Only the laptop battery did not charge. So it is a very handy "JACK OF ALL TRADES or Swiss Army Knife" device.
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Oh ic. yea i like the xp8000.
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How good this sounds paired with ODAC, it got to distracted to test it with more fancy DAC I have around. It gives T5p this nice bass punch. 

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I can happily confirm that the Concerto is a desktop version of the Quickstep. I am very happy I found this amp as I loved my Quickstep.
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I'm intrigued!


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Just a quick question, the treble sometimes come across as harsh, I know it might be a subjective thing but did you guys experience similar sound?

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The major pain about quickstep is how the battery lid closes, it is really a pain. 

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I have found several implementations of the ESS9023 DAC (including the ODAC, Audioquest Dragonfly, and Stoner Acoustics UD100) to be a little bright for my tastes and sometimes harsh, when paired with truly neutral amps and headphones. So...... Not without sympathy, I have to say... Welcome to using an amp that lets you hear exactly what the source produces. ;-)

Perhaps a darker headphone or DAC is in order, but you might also see if you can't just adapt to the unfamiliar signature over a couple of weeks of listening to it. I know that I tend to get "formed" to a specific signature, such that it can be uncomfortable at first when moving to something different, but in time I can adjust and start enjoying it.


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It is a nice sound amp for sure, i just opened the case to set the jumper on low gain setting but now cant close the battery lid. 


EDIT: Found the solution, just open the front end, insert the battery and close it, that is the easiest way. Darn it I scratched the closing lid. 

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