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Headphones for TV -- Need some help

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This may be a very uninteresting topic for most of you, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a good open headphone or ear bud system for listening to TV.  My dad is almost 80, and he has lost a lot of response in the upper mid-range and highs and also he has to play at a loud volume to hear normal.  He wants to come out of the L/R audio RCAs on the back of the TV.  He will probably be 10 to 20 feet away from the TV.  Is there a good wireless set?  Should I just use a RCA to mini adapter from the TV to the cord on the headphones?  Will a 12' or 15' extension cable attenuate the sound to the headphones a lot?  Just looking for any advice on something say less than $100.  I wonder if Grado SR-60s with a 12' cord would do the job?  They are open and really emphasize the highs IMHO.  What about a small set of bud earphones?  Any suggestions on ones that emphasize the highs and don't have the pounding bass.   Any advice appreciated.  Thanks.


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I personally don't like IEMs, and the 15' cable should be fine.


If he's that deaf you might need something like a cmoy to boost the power, particularly since the rca outs probably aren't meant for driving headphones. I'd expect they're high impedance since they're probably meant to be plugged into a reciever or amp.

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I had the same thing with my dad, same age and deaf as a post!


I used a simple mains powered cmoy and Sennheiser HD201's they are cheap and very comfortable for long periods of listening


I also used 2 cables with an in line connection so as to provide a break point if anyone snagged the cable




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