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I have an E-202 that I am having repaired right now. It got too hot and fried the part that protects the speakers. A friend of mine is repairing it and says we have to replace the 2SA497-0 transistor which they don't make anymore. At his recommendation I bought the 2N4033 from Central Simiconductor. Hopefully that will fix my problem. 


I also have the Accuphase C-200 amp with matching preamp P-300. I am using it with my Magnepan MMG speakers. 


Now my daughter has told me she wants to have a stereo like mine someday. Of course that fills me with happiness at the opportunity to buy more Accuphase equipment. I'm thinking she might not want 50 pound equipment though. Maybe something slightly more modern would be good. Any recommendations that aren't outrageously expensive? Matching speaker recommendations would also be welcome as I assume Maggies would not be ideal for college years. Thanks,