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Need website for interconnect DIY cables

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1 meter cables are no problem to get. But if I keep my MG Head OTL headphone amp I am going to have to locate it away from my system cabinet, as there is no room for it there.

I estimate about 10 feet of interconnect is needed.

I need good sound, but can't afford the massive cost of high priced interconnects at this custom length.

I have searched usenet but thought this would be the best place to ask.

I need websites of providers of cables, like DHL labs (used to have this url, but can't located it now).

Since this is a goodly length of cable, it will take large conductors for a good sound I imagine.

I am a believer that cables do sound different, within reason.

Right now, my only locally provided options are 18 gage copper stranded hook up wire from Radio Shack, or Straightwire brand speaker cable, 14 gage, 4 conductor (Octet).

If I can get a good set of these cables, I have two other similar (12' each) cables I need to replace.

As far as connectors and solder go, I will just use the Radio Shack stuff. Cost is an issue.

Any websites, brands, sources, and comments would be appreciated.
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You really, really, really, really, really want Teflon insulated cabling, not PVC, which is the usual insulation, otherwise it is pointless making the cable...


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If you decide to just use Belden 89259 singly you can find it by the foot at www.diycable.com or www.boldercables.com. If you want to do the twisted pair you can replace the 89248 with 82248 which you can get at Radio Shack (910-1573) cheaply, you only use the core which is the same as the core in the 89248.
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