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I *have* returned my K701.

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I really don't know what to do anymore. My K701 hit about 125hrs of burn in today, and I've been extensive comparisons against my AD700. Unfortunately, they just sound to similar.


I'm sorry, but I can't justify getting $250 headphones, that sound almost the same as my $90 ones. Yes, they are a bit better, but marginally so.


Now I really don't know what to do with my money. Obviously, I will be getting more headphones, but much cheaper ones this time. Maybe I should try some IEM's, as they might suit me better. Or maybe I should try some different headphones that are a bit less amp dependent. I just don't know.


What do you guys think?


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Might be a dumb question, but what amps did you use with the K701?  I've heard them at meets and I've either been underwhelmed or somewhat impressed, depending on the material and the amp.

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Well, that's just the thing. I didn't use any amp at all. I ran them straight from my iAudio 7.


I really am not planning on getting an amp for the next couple years, so I may be better off with a headphone that is less amp dependent.


They still sound good, but my AD700 rivals them, easy. And I feel less "stressed" about using my AD700's, due to them costing much less.


Question is: Now what headphone? Headphone without using an amp, that is. I guess it's back to reading reviews, and searching around...

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I'd stick to your AD700 or maybe get a pair of Grado SR60i until you get an amp.


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I gave the k701s a short 20 minute listen at yodobashi while i was in tokyo and they seem like a really polar phone.  the highs were just way too in my face, and i didnt find the listening experience pleasureful in any way.  Especially for the price difference.



I would recommend the DT880/600's simply because well. .they are the headphone I ended up deciding on and I absolutely love them, but I can't do it since you say you don't have an amp yet.  I'm running them with no amp from my asus xonar ST which is rated for 600 ohm phones and they NEED more power.  



I'm going to agree with drewjp partially, stick with your AD700 and do some amp research.  I wouldnt look into the grado's though, especially not around the same price as your current phones, but I'm terribly bias against grado because they feel like brillo pads on your ears IMO

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I think your idea of getting a quality pair of IEMS is a good one; there would be plenty of choice at the price of the K701, and if you don't have a amp it would suit your set up better.


Alternatively you could invest in amplification, see a minor improvement in some of the stuff you already have, but open up the doors to a much broader range of choice of headphones in the future.

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yes.  i'm certain they sound pretty similar from a sansa clip or a cowan.

and, if you have no plans of feeding the beast (amp), then you might as well have two AD700s on your hands.

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Originally Posted by Katun View Post

Well, that's just the thing. I didn't use any amp at all. I ran them straight from my iAudio 7.


Thats the problem...

If you dont plan to buy a nice amp for the next years, then get something different. Headphones who work well unamped, or like you said...Iem's. 

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If you don't planing to built a system around the 701 better for you to save your money : )

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I was a fool to get the K701 without an amp in the first place.


Yeah, I really know my way around headphones, from countless hours of past research before my K701, so lucky for me, I already know of some phones that might do me better.


IEM's, I've been thinking of: Audeo PFE or maybe Fischer DBA-02, but those are just thoughts. I most likely try another full size pair, and get a 'side dish' of IEM's.


I've been also thinking about: SR225i, SRH840, and maybe even D2000/CAL!. I'm not sure yet, I'll have to look some more.


Thanks again everyone. I almost feel a bit relieved of my upcoming 'refund'.

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Bummer about the K701 not working out, but at least it sounds like you're armed with the info you need to go forward.  Good luck on your continuing quest. 

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Dont forget to post a thread asking for recommendations on what to get. 

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My impression was kinda different than most peoples. I first got a pair of k702 's that were almost new. It had over 500 hours of deliberate burn in. I kinda liked the sound. It definitely sounded good when the source wasn't bright. I got rid of it due to comfort and it sounded slightly thin. I then tried to find a replacement that was comfier and had more body. Turns out nothing had a similar sound to it so I decided to get another pair. The second pair (k701 this time) is absolutely magical. This one i bought for $160 and was a 2-3 years old and well used. Enough so the pads were softer and more compressed. The sound on this one is waaaay better than the newer k702's I had.  I read later on that the well used pads make a large difference on the sound. The highs are far from harsh and the sound is fuller. The bass is slightly better but I wouldn't say it has any real impact. It seems more recording dependent. The last thing that solidified me keeping my pair was the audio-gd fun Im using. The dac and various other parts are swappable. The new dac for it is neutral (old was thin sounding and harsh) and made a huge difference to the way the k70x's sound.


It doesn't look like you have an amp or dac for it?


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^ Nope. I do not have an amp or dac. I was using it straight off my MP3


Well, I have it all packaged up. The return label is in place, and is ready for shipment. I will visit the UPS store tomorrow and say good bye.


Until Amazon refunds me, I will be on the lookout for possible new headphones, including the ones I mentioned above.


Besides, I'm not sure if I would have gotten used to those bumps on the headband...

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If you don't want to be disappointed in your headphones purchases, at least buy a good DAC and amp. K701 will sound wonderful after this. If you cannot afford it, just return them and stick with your AD700. 

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