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Foobar2000 skins

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I've been using Foobar2000 for a couple of years now, I managed to tweak the ui to fit my needs BUT its not a pretty sight :P

Do you guys have a preferred skin/theme for foobar? I've searched the web and all I could find are outdated skins that don't support foobar2000 1.0+

Those that do support it are way too cluttered for my taste. Is there a skin that has a relatively "simple" design and still looks good??


I've been entertaining the idea of moving to Media Monkey for that sole reason, but I'm reluctant to do that since it costs money (I always prefer the free alternative - especially if it's that good!).



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There are many different skins people use with Foobar.  Check out the various sites that host them for screen shots.  They are not as simple as Winamp skins etc.

Usually every skin will need a set of components to enable it's various features.  Once you learn how to use them though, they are pretty simple.

Media Monkey is a great app and many also use J. River but both are not free. Both do offer players with scaled back features for free though.

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Alright, I'm pretty familiar with foobar2000's components, the problem is I didn't find a place that hosts updated skins/themes. Even deviantart's #Foo-Nation is slow in updating.

I'm looking for a clean interface, something like this, but with a little more functionality:




I will continue searching the net for skins, maybe I can find something and mod it. Also will look into J. River, anyway, if there are foobar2000 users here, I'd be happy to hear some recommendations.

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There are skins out there for foobar2000 1.0+, primarily in the deviantart community.  It is a bit difficult to find and installation can sometimes be an adventure if the components are not up to date. 


I use the DarkOne skin found on deviantart for my non beta foobar2k installation at home. 

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wow thanks for the input, I'll start digging :)

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I'm using this right now, and it's quite possibly the most idiot-proof way to get foobar rolling. Just run the exe and it automatically puts everything in the proper places, with all the configs set up.

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Br3tt is an amzing skinner possibly the best there is.  The Dark one is a great skin and there are many others coded by this guy. 

It helps to do some reading etc and find out about the different codings and how the skins are put together.  It helps if you want to tune or twek your own.

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I didnt know about these skins, they are amazing! Im starting to learn towards them...i want to pimp my foobar. 

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There are many nice ones.  I like Ibizia, that is pretty cool for features...

I have a very large FLAC collection that I made of all my CD collection so I like to have Album art and the ability to flick through them easily.  Good Luck, it can take some time to get them to work properly but it worth the time.

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