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AV123 officially closed

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Visit the site today and this is what you will be greeted with:


Dear Friends:

It is with profound sadness that we are announcing the closing of AV123/Perpetual Technologies effective today.

We join in sending all of you our sincerest thanks and deepest appreciation for your support through these last 11+ years. Our history is rich with wonderful products and happy moments, all in the name of making great music affordable for all of you.

Sadly, recent events have cast a very unfavorable light on AV123 and have effectively sealed our collective fate. We hope that over time, we will be able to offer more information.

No amount of thanks on our part would ever be adequate enough in exchange for your past support.

Shortly we hope to be able to offer you more information about how to obtain MFW15 amplifiers should you require one. Please stay tuned to this page for updates. We hope to have this in place within the next few weeks.

In the meantime while we orderly wind down our business – allow us to once again thank you for your patronage and support through all of the times… both good and bad.

Respectfully yours,

The Team at AV123



I bought my Onix SP3 amp there a few years back and love it. I guess I better hope it will not need service anytime soon. I had also been an active member of their forum. Too bad, at one time that company seemed to be on the rise. So much for that. Poor leadership and completely lost public faith (probably with good reason).

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It really is too bad that they went down.  I guess it really is the CEO's fault with the scams he did.  Also the horrible quality of some of their products did it too...  I really wanted the MFW-15 subwoofer because it looked so good and it sounded to good.  Then the amps started to fail, and it went all down hill from there.  I'm going to stick with Emotiva for now. 

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This is precisely why its a risk going with such online only vendors. TSC gone, AV123 gone, who's next? I'm sorry as awesome as Emotiva products are, I'm not gonna be betting on them either, atleast not in this economy.

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I'm not sure if it will be appropriate to bring it up in this forum, but one of the main reasons AV123 is closing is due the legal troubles of its owner in Colorado for charity fraud.  There is a rather lengthy thread over on avsforums discussing it. 



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I think it's too bad really. The products they were able to bring to market were good products. At least for a while. They started to have problems with amplifiers in their x series and in their big sub. Many people seemed to feel that this wasn't being corrected in the proper manner. I didn't own one, so I can only provide hear say. I did have an x-head headphone amp that was very good. I have owned an Onix SP3 for several years that they marketed and it's been solid as a rock for me. Their speakers were solid values. But in the end, yes, the owners legal problems are what I think brought the house of cards crashing down. Taking money from people to pay in advance for a product still in development, promising that product would be released soon. Taking money from people in the form of raffles as fund raisers for the less fortunate, and allegedly pocketing it. Not a very solid way to run a business. I personally don't think that the online only business model was the problem. The problem was the dishonesty.

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Onix SP3 and other Onix amps are made by Melody infact.

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Love my av123 monster subwoofer and x-head amp. I never had any problems with the x-head, but they sent me an extra sub module because the installed one had a faulty power connection. The return shipping was to expensive, and now that they are gone I am glad I have a back-up amp module for my sub. I watched Iron Man II last night and that thing really rocks the house.


This appears to be all that is left of the AV123 legacy online:



It's too bad that they went under, they were innovators and made very high quality speakers for the $ at all price levels frown.gif

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