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JH13 Pro bass comparison

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Hey everyone!


I'm trying to decide whether to get the JH13 Pro or the JH16 Pro. I've been told the main difference is in increased bass response of the JH16 Pro.


I've listened to UE 5 Pro and UE 10 Pro before, so I'd like to ask if anyone can state how the JH13 Pro compares to one of those in terms of bass response. If the JH13 Pro has the same amount of bass or more than the 5 Pro, I'll probably go with that one.


Unfortunately, there is no way for me to try out the JHs myself, so I'd be very thankful if someone who actually owns them could give their thoughts.


Thanks in advance,


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I have and JH13 and i must say that bass on JH13 is simply superior to think you must decide if you want neutral sound or more bassy -funny sound (i think cause i dont have JH16 pro).

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Okay, that's really cool, thank you very much.


I like my bass, but if it's at least as good as the one on the or, I'm alright with that, I don't think I need any more.


So, thanks again, you really helped me out, I couldn't have decided this one without someone giving me a point of reference. :)

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I have the jh16 but I never listened the jh13, what I can say is that I love the bass from it, the kicks from the drums sound so real and live so I would say is not really a more bass thing but more depth/liveness thing.

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