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Questions on Fiio E7

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Hi, I'm new here, although I've visited this forum a few times as a guest, reading headphones reviews. I finally bought a Sennheiser HD 380 Pro but I'm not satisfied with the sound quality, the treble in particular sounds bad.


I only have an onboard sound card (a Realtek ALC850). The headphones' sound volume is satisfactory for me (I don't usually max it out) so I'm not sure if I need an amplifier. The I'm quite sure I need a better DAC than the one on my onboard sound card.


So, here are the questions:


1. Do I still need an amplifier ? The phones have 54 ohms impedance and I only the desktop computer with them.


2. If I only need a good DAC, should I still buy the Fiio E7 or get a separate DAC (or a soundcard having a better DAC) ? Is there anything you could recommend that doesn't cost much more than 100 $ ?


3. Assuming the E7 is the best choice, I'm interested how long can I use the battery (how many recharge cycles can it endure) ? Do I have to replace the battery from time to time ? And are there batteries (rechargeable ones) available on the market ? I searched on Fiio's site and didn't find separate batteries for buying.

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its only a new product so no one will have needed or probably even thought about replacing the batterys yet

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