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Opinion on Headphones

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HI, I would love some opinions on a pair of headphones, but they are not real. I figured this was the best place to get some opinions. I am trying to design a pair headphones in Maya 3D Software. Would love to get some critiques about the design, aesthetics, or any other opinions. Thanks.





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plug coming straight out the side looks a bit ridiculous.

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I was trying to go for a Range Murata style to the headphones. Thats why I put in certain design elements. I skimped on quite a bit on the engineering because I was more concerned with the looks. But would love to make it more comfortable and feasible. Where do you think I can change to improve the comfort or any other headphones I can look to for inspiration.
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Thicker foam pads for added comfort?

Cord coming straight out of the side unbalances the headphone, so it will be uncomfortable.

The headband with all the gaps, spaces and screws looks like a trap for longish hair to get stuck in. Will be painful when people try and take the headphone off.

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Thank you for all the great suggestions. Will try adjusting it and posting another pic soon. 

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To be honest, as long as they have a ruler flat frequency response, I don't care less what they look like.
However, the white alcantara looking ear pads look as though they'd get very dirty in no time, otherwise they look fine, just a but clumsy. My idea of a pair of beautiful looking phones would be more clean and modern looking with clean lines and curves, more Philipee Stark's like.
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Needs a pad of some sort on the headband... Looks wise, remove the part the cable plugs into, or make it flush with the back of the earcup. If you want the cable to plug in that way, use an L-type jack. Good Luck!

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some input: sony mdr d77, best design ever still cant understand why they stopped production.

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MDR D77??? You meant these little ones? I used to love them so much, Think I still have like 3 pairs of them lying somewhere, they are very well designed you are right, but not so sure about the sound quality now. 



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Thanks for all the input. This was the right place to post this. I needed input on how to make it more believable and what better place than here to help me.  I like the simplicity and look of the MDR D77. I used to own a B&O Form-2 headphones, they were very simple and elegant. With this design I think I was going for a more of a machined metal look. But want to work on another one that will be more elegant and simple in form. I made some quick changes that you guys suggested to see how it will gel together. Here is a quick retake of the previous design. Let me know what you think. Thank you.


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I think they do look much better with the black ear pads, but they still have that 60's German kind of industrial look to them, if you know what I mean. What I'd like to see would be a pair of headphones equivalent to this piano - modern looking but still retaining the classical feel of a grand piano.



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That is the look I have in mind for the next set I work on. Want something with simple and elegant lines but with some exposed mechanics underneath. I am a big fan of Italian motorcycles. I like the flowing and gorgeous lines but with the exposed frame and some internals. 

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Great, I look forward to seeing them.

Some more images for your inspiration, I love this boat. 


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Looking good, the minimalist pad on the headband is very sleek!


One last thing caught my eye, somewhat distracting, as it is confusing to interpret. The grooves highlighted in lime green seem to be empty, something should be seen, whether the inner workings or screws or a metal plate... it is black, the same color as the earpad, which wouldn't be back there.



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I really like them, they've got this retro industrial look.


For some reason, I'm thinking of Hublot watches with their exposed screws:




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