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Originally Posted by Ricardo Dawkins View Post

Samsung calls their mp3s "YEPP". I think you issue is coming here and start talking about phones or can you phone output your games to a HDTV?


Ack, must have not read the thread title too clearly. All the discussion seemed to be about the Galaxy S phone.


Also, my phone can't output my games to an HDTV, but why in the blazes would I want that? I already have a much more graphically capable PC and several consoles to do just that. My comments on the constant use of the contextual menu were about android in general, not just the Galaxy S lineup. Why make something that can take one touch of the screen into a two-part action?


Anyway, if we're talking about dedicated DACs and not phones, my vote's with the iPod Touch 4G. Assuming the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S Vibrant are the same SQ-wise as their DAC counterparts, the iPod Touch has better sound quality, and in general is just more fun. The android gaming scene is just getting its stuff together, while the iOS gaming scene has been thriving for over 2 years. If FLAC support is a big issue for you, converting to ALAC isn't that hard. Or you could always jailbreak and install VLC on the device and bypass itunes altogether. 

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That is basically the Samsung I live with in Korea. But all it takes is a quick Wikipedia to get an idea. From the tallest building in the world to the largest electronics maker in the world, Samsung have gobbled up markets completely. If you want to see how Samsung silence the press and bad PR, check out this CNN article. They've been doing this stuff for years and can get away with it because there isn't 'independent' firms in Korea. The press, the government, the groceries, the landlords, the publications - all are owned or partially owned/supported/brought up by Samsung or one of the other Chaebols (conglomerates).

Originally Posted by oyster View Post

I am still in disbelief.

Sounds like a bad guy ruling all over suppressing all competition by hook or crook

Now, onto OLED - I would love to have OLED in my electronics when it is ready, but at the moment, it is not. It isn't the battery saviour it's been set up to be or the last word on saturation as is often touted. At the moment, its colours are overs-aturated, often looking cartoony. For movie buffs, I imagine that it is great as movies should look exciting and over the top, but for reproduction of any kind, OLED is still behind LCD except for real black colour. 


When it comes to screen tech, we have no way to rely on anyone but the Chaebols like LG and Samsung. They are at the forefront of the technology. As long as they can get their terms straight and bring realistic saturation to the OLED screens and really bring battery consumption down (not just on paper), I think it will become the de facto standard for portable devices and later, for laptops and computers. 


I would love if OLED became good enough to use professionally.

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