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(rewritten. Accounts of other people's experiences have been removed)


Quick summary:

1. On 8/3, I called in to see if an item was available, they told me that it would be in-stock within the next few days.

2. A week later, I asked for a tracking number, and they said that their supplier shipped the product late, and that it would be expected 'any day now'.

3. Another week later, I asked again, and they said that it wasn't in the most recent order, but would be in the next one.

4. The next order would be expected in a week and a half, which should have the CD player I ordered. They also offered to refund my money (with no restocking fee) if I chose not to wait.

5. I accepted the refund. 

6. They said that it will be processed at the end of the day (8/17/10).


If I get the refund, then end-of-story on my end (well, besides trying to find the same player somewhere else, or choosing a different one). Given what other people have said about them, here's hoping




Update 8/20

I called the bank, and they don't see any pending credits. I placed a dispute for the original purchase.


Update 8/23

I finally saw the refund on my account, posted late on 8/20.

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