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FS: Trafomatic head One revised version

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Virtually new amp with around 200h in them! It´s the updated version.

I had issues with the first so SaSa sent me a second one. I only need one.

I tried the preamp and sub out and noticed no ground hum or such issues reported on the previous version.

Will ship them with an extra rectifier tube.


Located in Sweden. Quite heavy so international shipping will be very expensive surely! I would like to at least stick within EU to avoid extra VAT costs for the buyer.


New price 750 Euro exclusive shipment from Serbia. Sell them for 600 Euro plus ev shipment costs.




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650€ for this beautiful beast is a steal.


Good luck, dude.

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Price Drop 600 Euro plus shipment.

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could be interested about...


pls let me know:

- how does it match with DX1000 vs V200?

- shipment costs to Paris?



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Around 55 euro. 65 ensured to France. Will have to come back to the DX 1000. Little head time with the V200 but the Head One does excellent with it just like all my other headphones.

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The Head One is now sold! thanks for the interest.

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