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IEMS $50

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So I'm new to the IEM market with about 50 bucks to spend.  $30 would be ideal, but I'm willing to go up to $50.  They'll be mainly for school, because carrying around headphones is tiresome.

I'd prefer a bit of bass, but nothing that'll blow my brains out.  I also want something with a nice soundstage, so I can pick out the instruments.

In the end, I'm just looking for a fun set of earbuds.


EDIT: I'd rather have them be single-flange and I REALLY hate microphonics, so I don't mind if they are over-the-ear.

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Meelectric's M6 and M9 are quite popular. And run $20 or so.


|joker| has published a review of almost 100 IEMs, many of which are in your price range. It is a great resource.

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probably the M6 but there is a bunch around that price that are great

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I was looking at |joker|'s thread but there's just too much information.

I thought I could get a few suggestions and then start looking up reviews.

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I heard there's a wire in the M6, because its over the ear.

Will the wire be affected if I just stuffed it into my pocket?

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Brainwavz M1, M2, Meelec M6, Soundmagic PL-50,  Maximo iM-590, Radiopaq Jazz. 


off the top of my head anyway

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Meelec M6.

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Any other suggestions besides the M6?

I don't like the design of the M6, because I'd like something that would be easy to pop in and out.

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What about the RE2?
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How do the RE2's compare to the Meelectronic M9's?

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Originally Posted by Esymptote View Post

How do the RE2's compare to the Meelectronic M9's?

If you prefer bass, M9s are the way to go. If you prefer a more balanced sound signature, then RE2.


I own M9's and some times i feel the highs are little harsh, except that they are very fun sounding IEM's. Also M9's ($19) are cheaper than the RE2($29).

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I would highly recommend the Brainwavz M2 for your need. Pretty decent bass and good SQ for it's price range. Soundstage not that wide though. Could try out the M1 as well.

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Microphonics are pretty bad on the M2's when worn down. But they come with an ear glider to make over-the-ear use easier.

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