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True as if someone with a bit rate issue  searched and  hit the old info it will also led them to this thread and they might find the solution is just a software or firmware update. ..good thinking. I nuked mine- but your quote is still up to lead them here.

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Fiio X3 works as usb dac - tested here with ipad 3 and a Chinese Camera Connection Kit / Sd. Card Reader.
The Chinese 8$ device bought from Ebay can work both as self-powered hub or unpowered.
It works even unpowered with the X3 even though the X3 keeps on charging itself from the Ipad! This is because the chinese gadget misreports power cinsumption to the ipad, tricking it into thinking a low power usb device is connected even though the x3 drains it ...
Obviously this will drain the ipads power faster than usual...
I'll have to ask Fiio for a setting to turn this off.
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Micro iDSD works with iPad 2 iPhone 4. I assume any iOS device will work.
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Has anyone got the fiio x5 to work as a dac with iPad Air? I was about to buy a lightning to usb connector but wanted to check first if this will work.
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If you just use the standard lightning to USB cable, you'll probably run into the problem of the ipad air complaining about the X5 drawing too much power and refusing to accept it.


You may need some sort of a cheap Chinese usb hub that tricks the ipad air into thinking the X5 consumes only very little power (as I did for the FiiO X3, see above). Or you go the expensive way and buy an original powered Belkin hub for the Ipad Air.


I don't know if this cheap solution is available for the lightning connector. So if you want to try my solution which will almost definitely work, you need a lightning to 30 pin (old Ipad connector) adapter. Then this cheap Chinese USB hub/card reader/Camera Kit from Ebay (sent directly from China - just search for Ipad camera kit usb hub on ebay, you'll find many cheap ones. And off you go.

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