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Appears ipad4 -> CCK lightning has compatibility issues with some USB hubs. I recently picked up a powered kdlinks USB 3 hub off amazon. It works flawlessly with my note 2 -> otg cable -> hub -> odac -> o2, but I've had no luck at all using it with my ipad. The ipad works fine though in the same rig if I route the USB signal through the USB 2 hub in my monitor.

Can anyone recommend a USB 3 hub that is ipad4/cck compatible?
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Don't think so since it's not a hub..but this apparently works according to this post


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Originally Posted by LeDave View Post

Thanks a bunch, totalling those together, I found out that the entire Dragonfly DAC kit costs around $370. Does anybody know if a different USB hub will work besides the T3Hub? I don't like the 3 USB adapters it has on it, I like to keep it clean and simple with one.

See my earlier posting for the smallest hub that works. Do a search in this thread. I guarantee it works with the dragonfly since that is my setup.

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would more hubs work with the ipad 3?
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Doubt it. The incompatibilities are a result of apple's software crippling in my understanding.

On the upside, I found a nice little hub that works well with my ipad and is almost exactly the same size as my odac, making for a tidy little bedside rig: http://www.amazon.com/D-Link-DUB-H4-High-Speed-4-Port/dp/B00006B7DA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1363479506&sr=8-2&keywords=dlink+usb+hub
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So this thing doesn't work for me in at least one instance where the Apple CCK does:



I used it out of my iPad 3 to connect to the USB input of the Schiit Gungnir, an application where the CCK works flawlessly without a hub. It crashed my iPad every time I tried to play music out of it, as soon as the Gungnir clicks the iPad goes down. I tried the above adapter with and without external power connected to it, with the same results. I guess I'll try it with a USB-powered DAC but I had high hopes for this in a desktop application.



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Originally Posted by CJG888 View Post

Here is some useful information for anyone intending to use a USB-powered USB DAC with an iPad, without wanting to resort to a mains-powered USB hub...


The following "unofficial CCK"/ hub will work with some DACs using only the iPad's battery for power:




OK, so it's TRANSportable smile.gif


Thanks, this will work better than a Bott hub for one of my applications.


For US customers:



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According to this, it works with the iPad but  you'll need a usb hub.


Used for:
- Mac, Windows and LInux computers. 
- Confirmed working with iPad 3 (iOS 6.0.1) using this USB hub: http://hifimediy.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=90
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Thanks!  Received the Chinese hub and works 100% with my Dragonfly and Cambridge DacMagic 100.  It is smaller and lighter than the Dr. Bott.  Great find!

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I got the hub below to function with my Firestone Bravo, but compared to Apple's CCK the output level was greatly diminished.


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I thought the problem with the "too much power" after iOS5.x.x was the last hurdle. I got my iPad2 with iOS5 on it already, and it worked great since I didn't use DACs that were dependent on the USB bus.

Well, guess what - I thought wrong! I updated it to 6.1.3 a few weeks ago since I was charging it (I only charge once a month as I only use it as a home music server and magazine e-reader) anyways. Updated without a hitch, or so I thought. Then FLACPlayer and Accudio would die in the middle of long songs, like Nightwish's "Fantasmic" and Dream Theater's "Metropolis." I thought those apps were the problem, maybe some issue with the latest iOS compatibility. Well, now I'm sitting in a cafe with my D-Zero, which normally works as a DAC even with the power switch turned off, and was about to show some people that USB Audio works - well, NOT ANYMORE! Eliminated the cables because it works fine off my S3, which basically convinced everybody there that the neat dock with stand that you can get with the iPad was pretty much useless and they're all convinced about getting the Note.

I. Really. Hate. Apple. The only way I could hate them more is if I bought this iPad2 with my own money, sadly I can't even sell it to get a Note 8 because it was a gift and my family tends to take their misinterpretation of my needs as disrespect on my part, since "beggars can't be choosers" (not that I actually begged them to buy this to begin with). Nuts. Looks like I'll really just have to get an Aune S1 rather than get another tablet. The S3 even on a stand feels too clunky to use, primarily for the small screen, plus I have to take the case off everytime I dock it.


That, or does anyone know if iOS6.1.3 has any issues with dedicated iDevice DACs like the HRT iStreamer? The only reason why I haven't thought of getting one until now is because it will only work with that one Apple device, and not with my PC or Android.

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It really is crazy since apple supports 24/192 in their computers which are used by music professionals...yet they cripple their iOS. IOS now supports Apogee Quartet and Duet 2 but neither of these DACs are truly high end.

Logically apple should support high fidelity or not. They do with their computers (although mountain Lion will not support integer based DSP like snow leopard) .

I would understand if nothing worked with IOS. And they forced you to buy a computer instead of an IOS device ...this would be typical Apple.....forcing you to buy the whole Apple ecosystem.

But a mantra of Apple is to be consistent.

Plug and play for all similar apple devices ...or NOTHING. So either their computers work with every DAC or NO DACs ...not some special configurations. So IOS should be no different. You do not have to charge a license fee to a DAC so it works with an Apple Instead of a PC. It makes no sense to charge a DAc company a fee so it works with an IOS device.

Certainly not...sometimes..it works...or use a certain hub...err say some voodoo incarnation . That's accepted in PC land....but not in Apple.

The code for Apple success is not having to hire the advice of a network administrator or IT professional to do amazing things. This violates Apples core constitution.

recently Apple. They got rid of Scott Forstall.. Siri is a hit or miss affair..not consistent. (Stock plummets in reaction) Tim Cook needs to rain some fire down on his IOS dev team ( and fire more than one person) . Besides..it would just just make their stock fall again...making it cheaper for Apples Buy back...initiative which IMHO has to be done prior to the release of Apple Television flat panels which will rally the stock. So..now is the right time to clean house again.
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Sometimes....I think Apples IOS development team....reads this particular thread.....to intentionally disable iDACs that are currently working with IOS , because certainly companies like Apogee and ALO and CEntrance who pay a fee for their DACS TO WORK exclusively have legal rights to make Apple pursue this. I think Apple can not stop the people from work arounds..and there are too many vendors of low production numbers to make the lawsuits do anything more than COST APPLE MONEY ... Their legal team has bigger fish to fry...

I mean could you imagine a music server company that only worked with certain DACs? It would look like an idiotic company.

So they should allow IOS to work for everyone...and just drop the exclusive rights and refund those who bought rights for IOS.
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Same problem here, the "too much power" warning was cured and all of a sudden (after fully charging) it is back, intermittently!  What is up?

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Damn, so basically I can't use my iPad with my Cantate now?!?! And I liked not having another device clogging up the area behind them.

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This is old news but noticed it wasn't mentioned here (at least not picked up by searching the thread). The Apex Glacier has a low power mode that allows it to be used with the (former) iPad with 30-pin and CCK.


What's nice is that even protected AAC plays through this.



Edit: iPad on iOS 6.1.2

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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post
Edit: iPad on iOS 6.1.2


Do NOT  upgrade to 6.1.3! My iPad's useless as an audio server now unless I buy an HRT iStreamer or the like. However I'll still have to confirm if the iPad Mini works with SPDIF adapters using 6.1.3, as I've seen it working but I don't know the iOS version, but basically all that will do is make me think that maybe the problem isn't that they blocked out USB Audio, but the .3 version doesn't work properly with the 30-pin devices. For all I know, even the iDevice-specific DACs don't work with my iPad anymore. Will have to wait until I can borrow one that isn't the NuForce (since it only works with iTunes).

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