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I was wondering, does anyone know anything about powering the Aiwa XP-7 CD player? I got the player on ebay, and I cannot use it. To become more specific: 

1. It appears that the player uses a 9V special adaptor, and the best choice seems to be the supplied one, which I don't have at this point. Can I use any other 9V adaptor?

2. The biggest mystery is that on the back of the player it is written "DC-3V (BATT1.5Vx2)IEC.JIS LR6", while in the battery compartment it is written "SET THE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY AS LAID IN"(?) So, can I use 2 LR6 batteries or not? They don't seem to fit in the battery compartment. I am really puzzled.  


Any ideas? 


Many thanks.


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